Arm yourself… these people care about you MUCH less than you think they do or ever did, which is MUCH LESS than they care about their self.


Start with some information from

Glossary Of Narcissistic Abuse Terms And Definitions With Examples
Definition: Cluster-B
[2017-08-03] When Mommy Dearest Demands Attention
[2017-06-15] Mocking Is A Covert And Subtle Form Of Overt Verbal Assault
[2017-03-07] Anxiety Disorders Typically Caused By Exposure To Narcissistic Abuse
[2017-02-12] What To Expect If You Are A Whistleblower Who Outs An Abuser
[2016-12-16] Glossary Of Terms Related To Narcissistic Abuse
[2016-12-15] Typical Conflict Resolution Strategies Endanger Victims Of Cluster B People
[2016-12-10] What To Expect From Toxic Parents Once They Become Senior Citizens
[2016-12-08] How To Spot A Narcissist Lying
[2016-10-10] How To Spot A Collapsed Narcissist
[2016-06-22] Borderline Personality Disorder Types Use Mood As Excuse To Abuse
[2016-06-21] Flying Monkeys Lie And Say Narcissistic Abuse Heals Over Time
[2016-06-20] Showing Compassion For A Child Of Toxic Parents Is Essential
[2016-06-15] Narcissism Definition Includes Grandiose Thinking And Entitlement
[2016-05-17] Agreeing To Disagree With A Narcopath Ensures Abuse Continues
[2016-04-15] When The Kind Parent Is The Targeted Scapegoat
[2016-04-03] Common Abuse Tactics Abusers Use To Feel Powerful And In Control
[2016-02-26] Co Parenting With A Narcissist Or Dark Triad
[2016-02-09] Dark Triads Use Abuse By Proxy Tactic To Enact Revenge On Victims
[2016-01-17] Daily Word Search Reminder Read More About Narcissistic Abuse
[2016-01-14] What Is A Narcopath By Psychological Definition
[2015-12-12] How To Leave A Narcissist Four Key Things To Expect Step By Step
[2015-12-04] Stop Wasting Time Arguing With Narcissistic People
[2015-11-28] Catching A Sociopath In A Lie
[2015-11-27] Expect Aging Narcissists People Aspd
[2015-11-15] How To Spot The Red Flags Clues And Warning Signs Of Npd
[2015-11-08] Emotional Maturity And The Narcissist
[2015-11-04] Can Narcissism Or Npd In Narcissistic People Be Cured

Additional reading:

[2014-11-03] Fritinancy Word of the Week: Sea Lioning
[2018-03-18] The Sociopath & The Three C’s: Control, Contempt & Custody
[2018-02-28] Narcissists often recruit people called ‘apaths’ to help with their games — here’s why they’re dangerous
[2017-12] Narcissistic Victim Syndrome: What the heck is that?
Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome
[2016-03-14] There may be two or more sides to a story, but not every side is true
Wikipedia: Flying monkeys (psychology)
Wikipedia: Narcissistic personality disorder


SO MUCH MORE coming soon…

This Is Devotion

…to my daughters, to my self,
and to anyone my discoveries can help.

This was 11 live tracks, and not a single scratch track! And the video is silly too, lol… Sorry about the missed notes…

What It Means When a Narcissist Says “I Love You”

Only a therapist, with experience in this, stands a chance, and even then, only if I choose to really, really, really let him/her! (That’s because I’d have to face my greatest fear that, not only am I not superior to everyone and thus not entitled to make and break rules as I please, but I’d also have to own — that my own actions, thoughts and beliefs about myself and others — are THE main cause of the suffering in my life … and changing them, THE solution. I could not would not ever want to do this for the sole reason that, from my worldview, only the feeble-minded and weak do such things!)

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