Facial expression confirmation R&D shows “smiling [potentially] makes you feel better”, and would indicate the importance of understanding your self and how all muscles work. If you don’t know how to smile, you’ll never see yourself smile, so you won’t try. Inevitable consequence is perpetual #depression. This is what allows so many to believe the dismissive excuse line “that *may* work for you but not for me/everyone”, or to think the Daria-level lack of expressive approach to life is acceptable. “Resting bitch face” appears to be correctable with mindfulness.

“I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper on death.”

J.K. Rowling

… If victims of abuse knew their own strength from love by simple “teachable physical confidence”, bullies, who act accordingly out of misunderstood and vampiric fear inducing or projection, would quickly realize they are truly much weaker because of their willful conduct. They just need to be shown a benevolent way to live, but disallowed from overbearingly asserting their superiority complex at others by refusing denial of such harmful behavior.

My goal is to reduce the amount people feel they must “survive” simply to live in Love.


More to come…


Hey! …here’s something useful to read in the interim: http://photographyconcentrate.com/science-facial-expressions-and-how-it-improves-your-photography/

This Is Devotion

…to my daughters, to my self,
and to anyone my discoveries can help.

This was 11 live tracks, and not a single scratch track! And the video is silly too, lol… Sorry about the missed notes…

What It Means When a Narcissist Says “I Love You”

Only a therapist, with experience in this, stands a chance, and even then, only if I choose to really, really, really let him/her! (That’s because I’d have to face my greatest fear that, not only am I not superior to everyone and thus not entitled to make and break rules as I please, but I’d also have to own — that my own actions, thoughts and beliefs about myself and others — are THE main cause of the suffering in my life … and changing them, THE solution. I could not would not ever want to do this for the sole reason that, from my worldview, only the feeble-minded and weak do such things!)

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