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Musical Fitness how it correlates directly with Facial Feedback Hypothesis, Facial Retraining, Physical Synkinesis, &c

Synkinesis feels like it can reach a stage of physically noticable and locatable deterioration in which, as long as it’s held back enough of a majority of time once recognized as potentially reversible –with some HARD CORE Musical Fitness exercises thrown in whenever– one’s body can begin to heal itself with various types of limit-pushing adjustments to posture, using relatively simple mindful techniques and long-term awareness. Every stage of Physical Therapy and such has obvious prerequisites that could be detailed from chronologically observed notes and patterns that have shown results. Special results are obvious with multiple newly obtained “abilities”, all of which improve life exponentially in multiple ways by comparison to before, and all only by using certain applied perceptions to physiological and kinesiological potential in humans.

I most likely have some type of undiagnosed muscular/nerve problem that I may have also found a solution to. It involves a forced default back to a relatively fetal curvature of posture of the whole body, protrusion of neck, and underdevelopment of facial muscles, including jaw. When I was young, I had “nervous tic” problems (“uncomfortable” neck, eyes, armpits, and associated adjustments) that were never addressed physically, only that they “might be from stress”, but I was not stressed. I also had an unfortunate last name, leading to crappy rhymes. These combined, despite my desire to be a happy person, had led me to inherently believe that I was not visually worthy of anyone’s appeal, so I “became invisible” regarding how I dressed and acted. A person must be open to constructive criticism *and* the criticism must be informed and valid, but the criticism must exist too. Because I was compelled to live a life of abnegation, there had never been interest by anyone to ever let me know that my posture should be actively adjusted in my decades of time in this life, and it was only when I personally took notice that I was able to improve it.

“Dress for the role you want” is a phrase I’ve heard and attempted to use to some degree of success multiple times in my life. It was when I realized that I was only truly *myself* at Pantheacon, and then in 2016 deciding I would remain myself upon return, that I realized fully it doesn’t only apply to “jobs”. I manage another related problem commonly known contemporarily as “Resting Bitch Face”. Actively discovering how to finely move my facial muscles, in combination with holding a strong body posture has gradually caused my “resting” body appearance to evolve more in alignment with how I wish to be perceived, mainly in such a way that matches the happiness I truly wish to have and express.

Side effects of all of this have been increased abilities in many other forms of expression and perception.

  • I’m able to channel vibrations more finely through my body in such a way as to control my voice on many levels.
  • I’m able to adjust the spectrum of speed at which I do things, isolating areas of my body from others in a further demonstration of this.
  • “Happiness and music” literally “healed” me.


Stay tuned!