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To become better informed about the opposition, please by ALL means learn about the type of person NOT to be and NOT TO BE WITH.

On to better things now.  For a bit of MAGIC, follow the white rabbit.  Looking for NDA and some live discussions. I have notes (and more), and I’m in early stages, so though I do not have an official presentation prepared, I could go on AND on, once we begin. Let’s change the world.

Updated additional relevant experience:

This Is Devotion

…to my daughters, to my self,
and to anyone my discoveries can help.

This was 11 live tracks, and not a single scratch track! And the video is silly too, lol… Sorry about the missed notes…

What It Means When a Narcissist Says “I Love You”

Only a therapist, with experience in this, stands a chance, and even then, only if I choose to really, really, really let him/her! (That’s because I’d have to face my greatest fear that, not only am I not superior to everyone and thus not entitled to make and break rules as I please, but I’d also have to own — that my own actions, thoughts and beliefs about myself and others — are THE main cause of the suffering in my life … and changing them, THE solution. I could not would not ever want to do this for the sole reason that, from my worldview, only the feeble-minded and weak do such things!)

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