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Have you ever seen someone else in an exercise machine the wrong way? Have you ever been that person and nobody told you? Imagine doing that for thirty years with your body and face...

Acknowledgment of Synkinesis draws attention to the sociological problematic behavior of judging others based on prejudiced perceptions of appearance which equate “perfection” in appearance to worthiness.

I’ve lived a life of confusing interactions with people including my own family, until I definitively caught on to what the variable factor was, since it never consistently coincided with my actions, behavior, intentions, word selection, anything other than physical appearances, and even there I was convinced there wasn’t much I could do to improve that. I’ve observed people treat me differently purely based on how I carry my body, the level of activity in my face, and the type of voice I use. These were previously all things I did not believe I had control over, and this I attribute to my lifelong nerve disorder, one which I FINALLY FIGURED OUT how to repair.

Here’s a silly analogy: There is an infant development stage when self-support of head lift becomes permanent … imagine that stage never completes itself, you live your life in this way, nobody tells you specifically why you’re “ugly” but treat you that way anyway, you have no idea something could physically be wrong with you other than extra adjustments needing to be made to feel comfortable while stationary … and then all of a sudden one day, decades later, you discover *why* almost nobody else has to lean their head against the wall all the time because it’s too heavy? It’s like this with my whole body, particularly certain areas. So I had to figure out shortcuts of how to channel Qi throughout my body just to make it function properly with proper posture and sustainable movements that didn’t continue to cause RSI degenerations that I began to feel in various ways.

Early signs to me were when I remember getting abdominal cramps while running when younger, and coupled with inconsistent “breathing problems”, it was all explained away as asthma, when more likely it was improper development of the psoas muscle complex from what is my best theory to be Synkinesis. Somewhere the best connection to this memory is a photo of myself with my hand on my stomach because I kept saying “it hurts” (when I was maybe 3-5), and *that* was always passed off as some stomach illness.

In the recurring build up of phlegm in the lungs during often time of sudden seasonal changes in moisture (that eventually developed into pneumonia in around 2001), determining the cause was ignored and instead when bronchial infections occurred, antibiotics were prescribed, and the solution could instead have been to know how to properly move the body to keep the process going when the breathing process itself isn’t necessarily “involuntary” due to Synkinesis. When an alternative “way of breathing” that is noticeably improved AND solves life-long issues that otherwise would be detriments, it is a duty to be certain as many people know as possible for the advancement of human potential.


More coming soon!