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I am a work-in-progress.

Welcome, and thank you for your visit!  I am on an endeavor toward solid transgender advocacy.  You, and anyone interested in justice, can help — simply if you’re willing to connect me with the resources I need. I’ve been in an extremely dire situation due to coming out of an abusive relationship (who’s gone further and manipulated “the system” against me), and need the “voice” of someone bigger than me, immediately. I wish to help as many others as possible to feel a renewed magick to life previously thought impossible, and I am still struggling to make that happen, through my amazing projects in feminine confidence I have lined up, since I have to fight to save myself and my wonderful biological daughter.

In my life recently, as a sole private citizen who has the stance of “father” in a custody case, even with a mountain of evidence, I’ve seen months of proof of getting nowhere without someone *else* sticking up for me directly. The oldest stepdaughter has Asperger’s, and is newly suicidal again due to harmful influence, truant, &c. My youngest (and only biological) adamantly doesn’t want to live with her mother, who’s insisting on putting her in personal “child care” options whenever visitation arises. Both stepdaughters were intentionally alienated against me to further the mother’s motives.

I have a year’s worth of evidence I had to collect and begin journaling regarding the abuse and crimes done to me and our daughters (two instances of aggravated kidnapping, felonious false allegations of abuse rebutted thoroughly with my evidence, fraudulent requests for welfare resources, long-term emotional and sporadic physical abuse) that I was gradually awakening from, and I need to hand it over to someone who will look at it. Harnessing my emotions more recently, those I previously felt guilted into suppressing in some way or another daily, allowed me some profoundly fantastic advancements in my life that I’m ready to teach others as soon as possible, to spread my “shortcuts” to confidence and feminine empowerment, in majority through music training and reaffirming self-worth.

I intend to begin to establish precedents against this type of abuse of the system.

I am not a victim. I am a survivor, and I plan to empower others out of similar situations, with many worlds-changing projects.  I must get to the point soon, and out of “survival mode”, in which I am no longer serving as multiple conduits for the functionality of my software I’m destined to create, and instead building it and many other grand things for the good of all.

Bullies don’t have solutions for anything, and all they see is differences they’re unwilling to understand, which cause them to retaliate in fear and false confidence. Someone has to stick up for our future’s survivors, and if we can do it, and we CAN, it may as well be WE.

Once you know, you know and can do something with it.
But you don’t know what you don’t know
…until you either find it yourself
…or someone shows it to you and you pick it up.

Cole Prime

The Hidden Face of Transgender Discrimination in the Pagan Community: Pagan Transgender Parent Seeks Pro-Bono Representation to Appeal Fraudulent Custody Order

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2016-11-22, LOS ANGELES / VENTURA COUNTIES – A loving father, deprived of parental rights in a blatant case of transgender discrimination, put out a call for pro-bono representation to mount an appeal…

Justice League: Jymie’s so-called “stalker army”

…in reality, where the rest of us live, this “stalker army” is more of a “justice league” against narcissistic sociopaths, who think they can pull the “look I can barely act out the ‘cute-ish’ persona enough to pull the victim/martyr card while keeping any detractors from directly responding” bit and continue to get away with it — until now…

Public Crucifixion by Slanderous Entities

#TransgenderDiscrimination I was attacked yet again last night, with the opening of a public “discussion” about whether or not I should be “dis-invited” to an event today. This is what unfolded…

This Is Devotion

…to my daughters, to my self,
and to anyone my discoveries can help.

This was 11 live tracks, and not a single scratch track! And the video is silly too, lol… Sorry about the missed notes…

Federal Lawsuit Against Judge John Smiley’s Discrimination

I, Cole Prime, Petitioner in year-long family law case against felonious Cluster-B Respondent, shall be initiating a federal lawsuit against Ventura County Superior Court for transgender discrimination.

Jymie Darling is attacking Marie Bargas and Shawn Armstrong for exposing her as a Fraud

…In my time as a public relations professional, I had the misfortune of working with Jymie Lynn Darling on an event that was scheduled in the late summer of 2015 in the Los Angeles Area called Pagan Day Fest. I never imagined that Staff Sergeant Shawn Armstrong, U.S. Army Infantry, retired and I would ever have an occasion to meet. But, our lives were intertwined because we helped expose Jymie Darling as a fraud (Stolen Valor). And, I have to admit that our lives will never be the same again. You see, we are still targets of Jymie Lynn Darling’s harassment and abuse to this day…

What It Means When a Narcissist Says “I Love You”

Only a therapist, with experience in this, stands a chance, and even then, only if I choose to really, really, really let him/her! (That’s because I’d have to face my greatest fear that, not only am I not superior to everyone and thus not entitled to make and break rules as I please, but I’d also have to own — that my own actions, thoughts and beliefs about myself and others — are THE main cause of the suffering in my life … and changing them, THE solution. I could not would not ever want to do this for the sole reason that, from my worldview, only the feeble-minded and weak do such things!)

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