#TransgenderDiscrimination I was attacked yet again last night, with the opening of a public “discussion” about whether or not I should be “dis-invited” to an event today.  This is what unfolded.

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Respondent (Alicia) lives a life of malingering and often factitious disorder.

  • It is her desire only to “find something wrong” with herself, when it is convenient for her, to manipulate others into doing what she would like them to do. {Exhibit from 2012 submitted to court in July 2016: Ms. Valter’s evaluation about Respondent’s malingering possibility}
  • It is her desire only to “find something wrong” with other people in a way that she can “label” them by her own perspective, as warped as it clearly is, in order to further her selfish motives.

Respondent lost physical custody of my middle stepdaughter to only visitation in 2012, dominantly due to the custody evaluator’s concerns about Respondent’s competency and transparency.

This page pertains to a local event today on 2016-10-30 that was literally cancelled, at the last possible moment, because of Respondent’s slander of me being the root of “some people” fearing for their “safety” around me.

This serves as further proof now of Respondent’s ongoing public instigation and slander of me, and assassination of my character locally, namely last night’s debacle that her complaining about “not being allowed to go” to the event has caused. The denials from these very specific people just keep making the situation increasingly bizarre and disturbing to observe, considering their destructive influence on others with “their” version of “stories” relayed to them from the person who committed the crimes.

I’m not speaking out of turn when I say the truth, and Respondent definitely will be held accountable for her actions. It’s a fact. Please contact me personally on Facebook if anyone visiting is “confused” still.

Select the tabs at the top to view different parts of this situation.

This was my responsive thread, in a page for a local event that was to occur today, retained at 2016-10-30, 11:15.  Keep in mind, I was invited by the coordinator.

{thread removed by newly appointed admin, silencing me yet again from my defense against vague undeclared “safety” concerns}

Cole Prime
I RSVP’d to this event the moment after the invitation was sent by the coordinator — on OCTOBER TENTH.

This literally only became an issue at 11:30pm tonight, because it coincides with Alicia “Anderson” being upset this evening that she “can’t go” to something I have every right to attend and still plan to — yes, in spite of defending against even horrifically vile accusations as “possible” molestation that Alicia invented and tried to influence my stepdaughter to say. I will share, with interested parties, ESPECIALLY those willing now to effect solutions, the timestamped TalkingParents conversation that proves this, as well as all the OTHER proof of my innocence and honesty I’ve had to record, document, journal, obtain, ad nauseam. She naturally then complained to Ahzriel and Bunny, likely, who are two other people who ate up her stories. AGAIN, I have proof of Alicia’s dishonesty surrounding ALL of her slanderous lies against me. And I’m perfectly fine with Ventura County’s pagan community being rid of people with such toxicity. We are talking about people with “negative behavior”, correct?

Thank you to the anonymous person who posted a screenshot of Jeffrey’s two-faced behavior.

Jeffrey Albaugh: Wow, sir. I originally had YOU blocked because of very specific, and private, issues I have with you, NONE OF WHICH I have any issue making public, if you’re really pressing me to your sneaky provocation to debate without tangible justification, to reveal how connivingly petty you apparently are.

Where was the email you could’ve sent me about your confusion all along, huh? Possibly before today? Can’t seem to find one. This is repeat behavior of yours. So what gives you this absurd authority — Your AGE?? — to make such a statement here as to propose a public “dis-invite” of “single individual” — who happens to be me?


  • “where each individual feels honored, respected, and welcomed” — Just Like Myself. I am blameless for the slander I’m accused of, and I have welcomed communication for over a year on multiple occasions.
  • “has some negative history” — Why?
  • “negative behavior” — What is the accusation?

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  • Cole Prime By the way, YES I am initiating a federal lawsuit against Ventura County Superior Court for transgender discrimination that became prominently apparent as Alicia and her Domestic Violence Attorney co-manipulated said conservative court to commit said discrimination, and YES I have a confirmed case, so YES … I’m THAT serious. I even just wrote about this very thing like TODAY, reflections regarding sincerity… amazing. https://www.facebook.com/notes/cole-prime/the-best-apology-continues-to-be-recognizably-improved-behavior/1429725263712279You’ll be able to read plenty more about it very soon here: https://coleprime.com/…and Jeffrey’s message reflects EVERY BIT of why Alicia’s attempts to keep me silent about the truth will no longer be valid. As Alanis Morissette sang, “Your discrediting has lost my consent”.
    11 hrs
  • Teresa Sohrabi Is the issue being argued over you and an ex? And it has to do with you being transgendered?
    10 hrs
  • Cole Prime Yes, absolutely. I have a briefcase full of court documents and declarations filed in propria persona to show to what
    wretched depths as well.
    10 hrs
  • Cole Prime ...including no less than 10 personal declarations as character witness to the entire situation, some of which Alicia has already attempted to manipulate the named people into interfering with, simply because of their honesty.
    10 hrs
  • Teresa Sohrabi Ah geez.. I just had a friend go through this exact thing (still in the midst)
    10 hrs

2015-08-31-facebook-jeffrey-albaughCole Prime Disclaimer: Ha this happens to have included an Alanis quote by pure coincidence. Have to point that out because I was also accused of being “obsessed” with Lindsey Stirling, right after being pressured by Alicia to take our family to the Santa Barbara concert in August 2015.

I’m so glad Jeffrey decided to bring this discussion in the public view. Very helpful and healing, thank you.
11 hrs

  • Cole Prime Tell me again where this “enlightened one” phrasing came from please, since you never clarified? Because it was NOT ME.
    10 hrs

Cole Prime Also, I haven’t “been absent”. I haven’t attended things Jeffrey Albaugh has attended.

Gwennyth/Hillary’s conclusion that I exhibit “psychological damage” which would inspire harm is the very reason why I blocked her at some point as well, since she happens to be someone claiming to remain “neutral”, but secretly conversing with Alicia — a known kidnapper of children on two occasions, based on imagined fear of dread. So obviously my intent isn’t to “block an admin”.

It’s important to take sides, and apathy and closed judgment are the death of truth and fairness. I wish everyone I care about could never feel the pain of having their children stolen, and I’m well beyond the anniversary of being allowed to converse with my stepdaughters, and missing both of their birthdays, I do hope both of them are being told sincerely by *someone* the truth that I love them and literally nothing has changed in that regard.
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  • Hillary R Dawson Whatever you are claiming didn’t happen. You blocked me well before I knew anything about what was going on. I have no idea of the particular situation you are accusing me of.
    10 hrs
  • Cole Prime I’ve heard you’re still friends with Alicia, like and comment on her posts. That’s seriously enough for me, and I am justified in deciding that.
    10 hrs
  • Cole Prime Response to other thread: There’s no “long and involved” with my decision to remove or block certain people from my friends list for not truly remaining neutral. Hillary R Dawson can talk about being “wrongfully accused” all she wants. I didn’t accuse her of anything beyond what I said here, and it’s all valid, unless someone can honestly and logically explain otherwise.
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  • Hillary R Dawson I was friends with both of you at that point, and I was not making a judgement call about the truth of anything because I wasn’t in the know to even make a decent judgement about that, at that time. I still have no idea of any particulars, because my conversations have been in general terms.
    10 hrs
  • Cole Prime...and yet you have declared in the other thread about “everyone’s story is panning out and showing the same bad
    pattern” — care to elaborate?
    10 hrs
  • Hillary R Dawson It’s up to them if they want to share. I am not breaking confidences.
    10 hrs
  • Cole Prime “same bad pattern” all stems from Alicia’s stories at the root. Getting this yet? So are all the lies she claims as fact about my daughter’s alleged “targeted behaviors” as her therapy goals: “oppositional and physically aggressive behavior, lying, stealing, distractibility in school, increased sadness, difficulty articulating her feelings, reading below grade level”Strangely, I’ve requested a response elaborating about this from her third grade teacher at least four times, and now am sending the same email to her and the principal. Interesting that my daughter was forced to go to a school none of us live near under a guise of “consistency”, eh?
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  • Cole Prime...and you are fully correct — it IS up to them to share! Thanks! Now maybe they can stop being cowards and share in public, rather than continue to blame me for things I didn’t do?
    10 hrs
  • Cole Prime See this is new now suddenly: “he falsely accuses us of something, then starts a rumor that is untrue, and then blocks or unfriends you” — which rumor is this that’s “untrue” that I started?
    10 hrs
  • Hillary R Dawson Again, it’s up to those people to tell their own story.
    10 hrs
  • Cole Prime Then again, stop accusing me of these things yourself. When you say “we”, you include yourself. Are you denying this then, from the other thread?
    10 hrs

Cole Prime I’ll take on ANY of my detractors in a debate of truth. Bring it.
10 hrs

  • Cole Prime I stand every day ready to be judged, and I’ve spent PLENTY of time being forced to defend my innocence against the ultimate reason Alicia declared she needed to remove the children from a family home, due to her domestic violence declaration of all this “crossdressing” and “confusing the children” and “yelling” that she alleged I’ve done, SOMEHOW bringing her to believe that meant “imminent threat of physical harm”, despite none of it happening in ANY way she continues to describe it.
    9 hrs

Teresa Sohrabi Cole- I can totally sympathize with what you are going through with your ex, that being said-this group is Ventura based and it’s likely that you’ll find many people here are also friends outside this group or made new friends because of this group (I might only know one person here, tbh)… you said “I’ve heard you’re still friends with Alicia, like and comment on her posts. That’s seriously enough for me, and I am justified in deciding that.”, while yes you are totally justified in making that decision for yourself, in doing so you need to seethe position that puts members of this group into. We are all here to practice with each other, and if you feel you can’t do that with multiple members (let alone admins) because of their relationship with your ex, I’m sorry to say this but it may seem like you would feel more comfortable and welcomed in another group. I don’t know your ex or any of the gossip going around, but based on your responses it appears you’re drawing lines in the sand, and I don’t see that working out in a community based group.
9 hrs

  • Cole Prime That’s inappropriate. I have no problem “unblocking” Hillary either, but she hasn’t answered for herself. You have no right to tell me I may not attend.
    9 hrs
  • Cole Prime lol wait, Hillary’s not blocked, only removed from my friends list.
    9 hrs
  • Cole Prime...otherwise, we wouldn’t be conversing here.
    9 hrs
  • Teresa Sohrabi I never said you shouldn’t attend, I suggested you ask yourself if this group is a right fit for you based on the things you’ve said. You do as you please.
    9 hrs
  • Cole Prime I’ve been in this group for five years. I was a catalyst for reigniting the desire to do public ritual in this community upon arrival. I should NOT have to be listing these things, as I am a humble person, but I must to declare how ridiculous this entire double-threaded conversation really is: do YOU REALLY think I must ask myself the question you posed??
    9 hrs
  • Cole Prime If anything else, maybe the group needed a purge of toxicity all along, and now we must consider, as a community, the possibility of little old me attending a ritual to the disdain of Jeffrey Albaugh? I’m not of that group requiring this continuously unexplained exile, demonstrably so.
    9 hrs
  • Teresa Sohrabi Gee Cole, I’m new to this group and have no idea who any of you are or what you have done for this group. I tried to be polite and see things from everyone point of view and offer solutions to which you have done nothing but attack me for. I’m sorry someone else poised a vague question that I was stupid enough to respond with because I cared about someone being singled out (you). But all you have done in your own thread here is attack the one person who cared to respond and find answers. So congrats, I’m done.
    9 hrs · Edited
  • Cole Prime I respond as I’ve been spoken to. Your passive-aggressive response is uncalled for.
    9 hrs
  • Krista Hubbard It’s easy to miscommunicate intentions online. Nobody can hear the others voice or see body language.
    9 hrs

Teresa Sohrabi I just want to reiterate to you cole, I’m really sorry you’re going through something so incredibly difficult with your ex. I genuinely want to send you some good healing vibes and I hope everything gets resolved quickly and civilly.

And if it means anything to you, I’m gonna unjoin the group… I’m not down with all this drama and if people here have issues with the transgender community, then as an ally, this group isn’t a good fit for me.
9 hrs

  • Cole Prime I sure very much hope you recognize I did NOT cause this drama. Wow. So what’s really happening here is you’re trying to now agree with instigators of problems (specifically Jeffrey Albaugh) and take his initial word for this. Sorry to see you go. I’m not at fault for the “drama” in this group caused by Alicia’s actions I have to spend my life surviving from.
    9 hrs
  • Teresa Sohrabi Never said any of this was your fault.
    9 hrs
  • Cole Prime “all this drama”, caused you to leave, right after you “politely” ask me to not attend. The denials are strong here.
    9 hrs
  • Hillary R Dawson No one here is against the LGBT community.
    9 hrs
  • Cole Prime Wonderful repeat disclaimer. Again, I didn’t say anyone here was EXCEPT for Alicia.
    9 hrs

Hillary R Dawson None of us have an issue with the LGBT community.
9 hrs

  • Cole Prime I’ve not once said that. You have an issue with me, which you have not answered above.
    9 hrs

Cole Prime Response to Ahzriel’s comment “if you would like to know my story with this and how it has NOTHING TO DO Alicia or trenagender issues, plese feel free to message me” in other thread — I’ve been called out publicly. You have as well by association. This has EVERYTHING to do with Alicia and what she’s done. The burden of proof otherwise is on YOU.
8 hrs

Tre Sanchez-Allen OK I don’t know what’s going but this site is not for that..u have issues with someone u have to take it up with them personally..regardless as a member of this group I feel that vcppc is a group for socializing among one another.. That’s means all nonsense aside and enjoy being around one another..keep ur personal shit home type of moment..regardless of what u r going through this group is set up for Learning and socialization so u can forget those things.. I hadn’t been in the group that much due to my dancing but I do keep upon the page..

No one should feel uncomfortable because someone decides to have that person feel that way and regardless we r all in this together like family.. It would be appreciated that it continues to b like that because we r all there for ourselves..idk Cole what’s up with u and ur ex to me that’s ur issue not this group..its not my business but u don’t have to lash out at people either..u might be angry at the situation but that’s not the groups issue or fault..

Everyone if u want to go to samhain go-cuz u r there for u and ur ancestors only..I can’t go (possibly) cuz my group have a show.. But I wish I could..

COLE: please respect people in the group that’s all they r asking..try that maybe u can get somewhere positive instead of negative..remember everyone is going through something not just u..

Sorry just putting my two cents..
1 hr · Edited

  • Cole Prime “keep ur personal shit” says EVERYTHING about your stance on this situation that Jeffrey Albaugh caused here:
    You wanna ALSO tell me I’m not allowed to defend myself against false accusations??
    1 hr
  • Cole Prime …and if anyone here has believed anything she’s told you without asking me for a rebuttal, you still clearly know absolutely NOTHING about me. You have NO idea the damage Alicia’s done and is doing to these children, AND transgender rights, and here you are ALSO thinking this is just about me when it literally NEVER was. Do you believe her when she calls me a”narcissist” as well? You’d be aiding a mentally disturbed criminal if you do.
    1 hr
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen Wait what..did u read clearly or are u assuming cuz I clearly stated that I don’t know what’s up with u and ur ex..That clearly means I have nothing to do with ur situation..how is that taking sides when the words idk is said..don’t jump down my throat OK I’m just saying lashing out at people is not cool dude..don’t get me twisted in this nonsense Im not in it nor do I know about it..u might not like what is said but this group is about socialization and learning. Calm down
    1 hr
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen U defend urself with that person not the group..that’s a personal issue..ok
    1 hr
  • Cole Prime My responses to you are justified, as this is what you said to me:
    • “keep ur personal shit home type of moment”
    • “this group is set up for Learning and socialization so u can forget those things”
    • “but u don’t have to lash out at people either”
      1 hr
  • Cole Prime I do NOT need to calm down, as I am calm. You may not make assumptions about my intentions either, and you clearly ARE in your messages, so you really do not have the right to make the requests you’ve made of me making this public issue private. Or did you still not see the other thread Albaugh started?
    1 hr · Edited
  • Cole Prime I read every single word of your messages. Why would you ask that unless you are making assumptions about my intelligence now? I’m certain, however, that some just simply don’t have the empathy to read mine, you included, to “politely suggest” that I take this elsewhere when I was CRUCIFIED last night. Thanks for the sympathy that you totally have for me.
    1 hr
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen OK Cole check this out I’m not telling u anything and personally that’s the past..u r not understanding me that’s cool..
    Personally I don’t know what tread ur talking about I’m old I don’t remember way back when stuff. Ok..whatever was said thats between u and that person..ok
    1 hr
  • Cole Prime https://www.facebook.com/groups/pagancoffee/permalink/10154279885866387/
    59 mins
  • Cole Prime There’s no “that’s the past”. It’s an ongoing emergency situation spanning more than 14 months now. I understand your words completely. It’s much more likely that you don’t realize what you say. Check when I quoted you above.
    58 mins
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen Look that’s between u and that person idk about it
    57 mins
  • Cole Prime Your lack of knowledge about it is clouding your responses to me. You’d want to do something about it if you knew the details, and you DO know about it now, since you see the necessity of my responses.
    56 mins · Edited
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen COLE nope its not what is a comment of encouragement.. Just to respect the group and all ur doing is twisting it..that’s cool though..
    53 mins
  • Cole Prime You’re making it difficult to respond to you. I didn’t pretend you were encouraging me. I’m pointing out that you are NOT oblivious to the circumstances, and yet you STILL think I should just effectively go quietly. Never.
    51 mins
  • Cole Prime Your opinion that I’m “lashing out” is false.
    41 mins
  • Cole Prime...so the “for some reason” I have to defend myself is VALID.
    40 mins
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen Ok Cole lashing out might b false and defending ueaelf is valid fine but respecting the group is what’s needed..everyone has issues but when in the group they keep it home or outside the group ok..that’s what I’m saying..
    If u have an issue with someone in the group then u have to take it up with that person only privately.. That’s all I’m trying to say
    30 mins
  • Cole Prime No. Jeffrey Albaugh, at MINIMUM, has issue with me, and he made it PUBLIC. It’s public now. Can’t be private anymore.
    29 mins
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen Ok well that’s still an issue with one person..that’s something u have to take up him only privately
    24 mins
  • Cole Prime Nope. It’s an issue with Jeffrey Albaugh, Bunny Avila, and Ahzriel Addams, due to Alicia Anderson. I AM taking it up with the person who initiated the conversation, in the same public form he used. I will not take this privately.
    23 mins
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen Wow that’s all I have say..
    19 mins
  • Cole Prime “Wow”? Sounds like you have plenty of compassion.
    18 mins
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen No its an expression. That’s what we say in NYC
    15 mins
  • Cole Prime Care to elaborate on the meaning?
    12 mins
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen Its hard to explain because wow is used many ways..
    8 mins
  • Cole Prime You meant it in a specific way this time. This is what I’m asking about.
    8 mins

2015-09-12-facebook-bunny-avilaCole Prime And now Bunny’s an admin. Looks like ALL the pieces are falling into place now, lol…
1 hr

  • Cole Prime Brilliant choice in admin selection, Hillary R Dawson.
    50 mins
  • Cole Prime …and by the way, I no longer have Jeffrey Albaugh blocked, so it is he who has me blocked still, and he alone is the reason why we can’t see each other’s posts.
    38 mins

Cole Prime Jeffrey Albaugh wants to confuse the issue by making it seem like this is “not about transgendered issues” when fundamentally it is, since this entire high school drama scenario spawned from Alicia’s lies, which virtually slandered me into erasure, obviously. PROVE ME WRONG.
43 mins

  • Cole Prime...and especially reveal this “danger” you need to keep “safe” from, by all means.
    42 mins · Edited
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen Then Cole u have to take it up with that person not the group. Idk the situation but that’s what u have to do
    39 mins
  • Cole Prime No, Jeffrey made this about the group. Stop telling me what to do. You’re wrong.
    38 mins
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen Ok well u have to take it up with that person not the group dude..but privately..be mature dude. Ur an adult take it up with that person-thats the only way things can b solved
    12 mins
  • Cole Prime It’s already public and cannot “become” private. I’m not responding anymore to your repeatedly invalid suggestion.
    11 mins
  • Cole Prime You may not comment on my maturity as though you’re insinuating something awry thus far. Explain why you think it’s “the only way”?
    10 mins
  • Tre Sanchez-Allen Because u and that person or persons can have an understanding.. Expressing thoughts on how this became to be or expressing how u felt about it gives them an understanding on how u feel and then it can b npped to the butt..see instead of doing posts of anger talking to all involved privately would have an positive affect than negative..that’s how cole
    3 mins
  • Cole Prime Absolutely nothing I posted comes from “anger”, so that’s where you’ve been wrong in your assumptions. Public conversations effect change, and I thank Jeffrey Albaugh for bringing this to public discussion finally.
    Just now

Cole Prime Let’s talk about these “safety concerns” that I’m just the big scary person “causing problems”…

Audio transcription 2014-10-07, 13:25, seven days after the first kidnapping:

Alicia: And that’s why everybody comes to me…
Cole:…that’s why “everyone” comes to you…
Alicia: …to ask *me* if you need help.
Cole: …right? Because of what you told them.
Alicia: …and being… No, because they messaged me on their own and asked me what was wrong with you.
Cole: Okay…
Alicia: …and are the ones that are telling me that you need help.
Cole: Okay, and somehow…
Alicia: …and I’m respecting their wishes.
Cole: …you think that it’s necessary to slip back into “dreamland” of where you think that somehow I “need help”, when I don’t, I just need teamwork with you, and the people that I work with.
Alicia: When people are telling me that you’re about to “murder our family”, I listened, okay?
Cole: Oh, so I’ve never “murdered” anyone, I’ve never hurt anyone before in my entire life, …
Alicia: …no, but you were showing signs of a “family annihilator”.
Cole: …yet you seem to think I’m “showing signs of being a family annihilator”…
Alicia: {shouting} I did not say that you did. I was told that you were.
Cole: Okay…
Alicia: …by someone who does have a degree in psychology.
Cole: Cool. Do they still feel the same way?
Alicia: I don’t know, I haven’t talked to them.
Cole: Well, that’s a shame, because we don’t seem to really talk a whole lot then, I guess, because it still sounds like you still “distrust” me, for some reason, even though I’ve given you no reason to distrust me.
22 mins · Edited

Cole Prime SO… Anyone else wonder why certain people are “scared” of me without being able to pinpoint the reason? It’s probably that “degree in psychology” authority she thinks she has: https://stolenvaloringlendaleca.wordpress.com/
27 mins · Edited

Cole Prime Now… is anyone willing to help the actual survivor of abuse here, while I remain the sole person in defense of the safety of my three children as well in the courts of law, or pretend that I’m just some lunatic lashing out inappropriately over personal problems?
23 mins


This would be the thread that caused everything to become public, posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pagancoffee/permalink/10154279885866387/

Jeffrey Albaugh
14 hrs

So, folks, we have an issue.

I could say I have an issue, or a few people have an issue. But this is a community issue at this point. So, I will trust that there is a community solution. This is, in my opinion, not something I can decide on my own.

I had thought a simple statement might guide our behavior, but it seems there is an issue at hand that goes beyond keeping with this simple statement:

It is of the utmost importance that when our Ventura County Pagan community gathers together it is a space for all, where each individual feels honored, respected, and welcomed. Our gatherings are a place and a time where we create community, which is a positive, constructive act. We cannot and will not tolerate divisiveness and deconstructive, othering, or negative behavior.”

So, it is my sorry duty to present the issue back all of you: we have a person that has some negative history with several individuals in our local Pagan community. This person has decided, after being absent from our community for an extended period of time, to attend the Samhain event this Sunday. Several people have approached me or become known to me that have decided not to attend due to this individual’s attendance.

So here is the dilemma, which is of course two-horned, like all dilemmas. Do we let the situation stand, where one attends the event, and many do not as they do not feel comfortable or safe? Or do we dis-invite a single individual for the good of the whole? We could host invite-only events, and control who attends, but that isn’t what we wanted for Ventura County.

This is the result of an ongoing situation, and understandable avoidance of this situation. None of us what to deal with this, but it does have to be dealt with.

I dislike putting this out on the eve of the ritual, especially given that the ritual planners have put some thought and work into it, and it should be a special time for us, and for the dead. Those that know me understand that I do not like conflict, but will engage it openly, and use it to empower others if I need to.

Lastly, I have this particular individual blocked on my Facebook. If someone would pass this on to the individual so they may understand the situation, and hopefully participate in a solution.

Seen by 34

Teresa Sohrabi You mentioned one of the concerns for some is an issue of safety, and that alone would make me nervous. If we are describing harassment, bodily harm, or a major disrespecting of boundaries, my instincts would be to ask the individual at question to work on making amends, if at all possible, before attending community events.
Just my 2 cents  ?️
13 hrs

Hillary R Dawson More like psychological damage, which is just as valid.
12 hrs

  • Teresa Sohrabi Are you saying this person caused psychological damage to multiple people? May I be so bold in asking, in what manner did this take place?
    12 hrs
  • Hillary R Dawson It’s very long and involved. Suffice to say that everyone’s story is panning out and showing the same bad pattern. Everyone was trying to stay neutral and didn’t know what they were in trouble for, until or after they were blocked or wrongly accused.
    12 hrs

Hillary R Dawson This person had blocked themselves from me, so I am not seeing their posts, either. In fact, it’s my observation that they have blocked themselves from multiple people who are the most involved in the group l. I am beginning to think that there should be a rule that no one is allowed to block the admin, or a certain amount of people. This is hownit got past a few of us, and became a late notice issue.
12 hrs

  • Teresa Sohrabi I agree you shouldn’t be allowed to block an admin. That’s pretty standard in every group I’m apart of.
    12 hrs

Teresa Sohrabi The accused has posted their side, and without much or any prior knowledge to what’s actually going on, I can’t take side on this.
It sounds to me like an issue between ex’s and should be left as such.
11 hrs

  • Hillary R Dawson We have all tried to take this approach. However, at some point or another, he falsely accuses us of something, then starts a rumor that is untrue, and then blocks or unfriends you. He has also been cutting and demeaning to variois different persons in attendance at last meetings.
    11 hrs
  • Hillary R Dawson I meant to write “past” meetings.
    11 hrs

Erma Levi If this person’s behavior is so offensive, then perhaps there should be a short pre ceremonial meeting outlining some kind of rules moving forward around acceptable behavior for participants. (Boundaries for staying in good standing as a group member) Explain TO the person how his/her behaviors are triggering and offer him/her some options about what will be acceptable from now on. Ideally, it would be better to engage in open dialog about these kinds of issues onflict/resolution between ceremonies rather than at them, but… this sounds like important work for the entire group to me. Good luck everyone. I hope it all works out.
10 hrs Edited

Ahzriel Addams Teresa Sohrabi as one of the people that has been called out in another post about this, if you would like to know my story with this and how it has NOTHING TO DO Alicia or trenagender issues, plese feel free to message me
10 hrs

Merry J Gray THIS IS RIDICULOUS! this ‘person’ we’re talking about hasn’t hurt any of you…and he was one of the first people to RSVP for the ritual. Why, at the 11th hour is this now an issue?! If you choose not to attend because of personal reasons, then don’t come! But don’t put it out there that ‘someone’ is jeopardizing the ‘safety’ of the group…That’s BULLSHIT. If this is the kind of high school drama I can expect here, then I am out.
3 hrs

Jeffrey Albaugh Absolutely is not about transgendered issues. My track record should speak to that.
2 hrs

Jeffrey Albaugh And, as I pointed out, I am not the authority. However, as a member of a community, I will point out that every community member HAS the authority.
2 hrs

Tre Sanchez-Allen Pls if u want to go to samhain go cuz u r there for u and ur ancestors.. If this ritual is important to u then go regardless who’s there.. Have a great time with ur ancestors and friends ok..I wish I can go
2 hrs

Jeffrey Albaugh Cole, I cannot see your comments directly, but I have seen them second hand, at least in part.
2 hrs

Jeffrey Albaugh This is, in my mind, about people feeling safe. That includes me.
2 hrs

Tre Sanchez-Allen For some reason he thinks he has to defend himself..idk what’s up with his ex and him but he sure keeps lashing out
2 hrs

Hillary R Dawson There are two comment threads. One is here, and the other is in the Samhain ritual event. However, not very fair if you are blocked from the comments and can’t see what’s being said about you.
2 hrs

2016-10-30-facebook-jeffrey-albaugh-julie-lovejoyHilarious and devastating…  So much pettiness, and so little accountability.

How about an answer to those questions that everyone wants to know the answer to, hmm?

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