Respondent is a criminal at minimum because she stole children for selfish reasons, and the oldest whom I haven’t been allowed to talk to for over a year is regularly attempting to kill or harm herself, or run away, to escape her mother. One certainty I have is the harmful impact Respondent’s decisions and actions has had on Kaylie, with her mother removing her from two loving families, consecutively, each with fathers who accepted her as their own, spanning 11 years of Kaylie’s 14 year life, the most recent two years in particular thoroughly devastated by Respondent’s emotional abuse. She has caused Kaylie to fear me, her stepfather of nearly nine years, first for being vaguely “crazy” (which facilitated her initial aggravated kidnapping of the children, 2014-09-30), then for being male due to my voice (this is on record at Kaylie’s therapist from early 2015), then for “confusing” her by “wearing skirts all the time” that her mother had her believing, but were merely BDU shorts.

Respondent then used these confusion tactics, capped with pulling the “biological mother” card, to obtain a fraudulent Domestic Violence Order based squarely on Transgender Discrimination, to attempt to cover up by kidnapping the children a second time on 2015-08-22. The court ignored one well articulated defense of innocence after another, which led to further fraudulent orders and ignoring of multiple obvious and thorough demonstrations of the mother’s harm and sociopathic desire for control over these children AND myself. All of her behavior demonstrates an ultimate purpose of obtaining support orders so she doesn’t have to work, as well as to find some new boyfriend in the meantime to naively believe her martyr stories and support her purchasing habits.

And my daughter Lily is expected to share custodial time evenly with this person against her will, while she is abused and neglected emotionally and at times physically (with pictures and years of notes and other admissible evidence). Judges have threatened to take my only biological child from me if I don’t continue with this forced offering up of my daughter to her known and proven abuser — all while Respondent pretends Lily and I are lying and denies everything that she does, even when caught.

In March 2017, after multiple mental health holds, Kaylie has been placed in a semi-permanent mental health “shelter” in Bakersfield, after becoming runaway and suicidal, an escapism for which she specifically reports “feeling unsafe around mother”.

As additional injury to the fact that Respondent is only getting what she wants because she has a lawyer, the judge had the audacity to give Respondent full control over selection of who are in charge of my daughter’s medicine and education. In Kaylie’s presence, Lily is the only reason Kaylie *doesn’t* kill herself, and BOTH of them are expected to live like this, often without supervision in a fifth-wheel trailer used as Respondent’s basecamp? The court has literally given me nothing I’ve asked for, and now I’ve been unfairly declared vexatious” due to “bothering the court too much”, meaning I would need permission to file anything new in California, indefinitely, until the judge changes his mind.

L: No, but that’s what my mom thinks. Here’s what she told us, she told us recently, past few weeks, that you’re “crazy”. Aah, right? I should be scared? That’s not true.
C: It actually says right in the court order that she’s not allowed to do that kind of thing. She keeps saying over and over that she doesn’t “ever” do it.

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