There are two important things I’d like you to work on when you’re not with me:

  1. Always remember to smile for yourself, every chance you get. Even if you’re feeling down, think of something that makes you smile, hopefully sometimes it will even be your Dada, a happy song or moment, and find a way to let your brilliance be seen in your face, especially if it’s for yourself in a reflection. Every being is sacred. You deserve to be your self without harm, and always honorably and defending good.
  2. Remember that confidence posture I taught you? Practice it every single chance you get, whether you’re standing, sitting, lying down, running, lifting stuff, any time … and then definitely use it when you need to stand up for yourself, my little warrior goddess. Always remember thing number one above too, since with this one it means respecting yourself enough to never let anyone hurt you, and to pay attention to your own body to be sure you never hurt yourself either.


I love you and your sisters more than words can convey, and I will always secure your safety the absolute best I can. Love and truth will always win, if you do your best to live a life with both.

Cole Prime

Last updated: 2017-04-02

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