California Penal Code § 278.5(c) very clearly states that “a custody order obtained after the taking, enticing away, keeping, withholding, or concealing of a child does not constitute a defense to a crime charged under this section”.

Respondent removed two children from a home, against their will, on two separate occasions, using threats of imagined dread in these aggravated kidnappings. Domestic Violence orders may only be approved with “imminent threats of physical harm”, and this has been proven to be fraudulent testimony of Respondent, none of which was sufficient for such orders to have been approved at ANY time.

Regardless, the court therefore awarded custody by default to an abuser and manipulator, and only allowed half-custody, after over a month had passed, when a mediator erred on caution.

I was under duress to accept the order, despite Respondent’s continued attempts to negate my feelings and experiences, to be able to speak with at least one of the three children again, since their illegal removal. If the judge asked me to clarify my duress, I’d be happy to explain it. He’s never asked me.

Respondent would like to conveniently forget the time between August 22 and September 30, 2015, a time when she isolated the children fraudulently, and has offered no truthful explanation for her actions. Somehow she cannot recognize the distress such behavior can cause on another person, so her summary of my duress, inaccurate as it is, is obviously not hers to decide and declare, it is MINE.

Where is my reimbursement for what Respondent, her lawyers, and Ventura County Superior Court has caused me and my children to endure since August 22, 2015, while Respondent continues overdramatic and overly falsified victimization of herself, devoid of veracity, in court, in public, and to our children?

The court should recognize how Respondent, with her clear manipulation of her lawyers, has attempted to finagle the matter of money in this case, to manic levels, repeatedly requesting sanctions be paid by someone unable to pay, to punish for a nonpunishable “burden” I’m allegedly placing while DEFENDING MYSELF and my children from Respondent’s attacks that are LITERALLY keeping me from moving forward with my life in EVERY way.

California law declares that custodial orders obtained with fraud are invalid. The judge’s apparent inability to recognize blatant fraud actions by Respondent, clearly defined by multiple pertinent court filings by me, is not something I shall be blamed for.

Justice demands that custodial rights be revoked for Respondent immediately, that the court recognizes as vexatious Respondent’s incessant dismissiveness of my litigation efforts and her requests for sanctions, and that I am truly the party being “forced” to endure court constantly for their own survival until the children are safe from Respondent’s abuse.


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