Respondent has violated the safety and well-being of three children in numerous ways.

I have pointed at evidenced events regarding two of these children to the court, as well as revealing the adverse effect her abuse has had on all of our lives, magnified by a failure by the court to previously recognize further demonstrated sociopathic abusive actions for her own gain.

The oldest Kaylie, with Asperger’s Syndrome, has endured multiplicitous psychological abuse by the mother, and has self-inflicted multiple harmful behaviors as emulation of the mother, while thoroughly alienating me from their lives despite my successful, loving parenthood for nearly 9 years prior.

The youngest Lily, my sole biological daughter, has endured an unfairly prolonged time of similar attempts of abuse, repeated physical abuses, and narcissistic manipulations by the mother to force Lily to “do what she wants” by way of discrediting Lily’s honesty among peers or authority, or manipulating friendships at school and elsewhere to disrespect Lily’s privacy and safety when sharing what happens to her.


Corporal Punishment violation

  • Penal Code 11165.4 “Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act”, in pertinent part, states: As used in this article, “unlawful corporal punishment or injury” means a situation where any person willfully inflicts upon any child any cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or injury resulting in a traumatic condition.
  • Physical movement against will
    • [2016-01-20], Lily came back from visitation with a fingernail claw mark on her inner right wrist from her mother “pulling her from the car” at her fifth-wheel trailer. Lily refused to go home with Respondent at PHPD on 2016-01-18, and insisted she only wanted to go home with me, from 3pm to 6:30pm. Initially, Respondent’s friend Ahzriel (alias) Addams attempted to “trick” Lily into going with her. Ahzriel would not allow Lily to call me the multiple times she asked, so she waited until Respondent arrived. Later when Lily was allowed her phone call, Respondent “yanked” the phone from Lily’s hand and hung up, then falsely insisted to officers that I was “encouraging her” to “cause problems”. Afterward, when the police told her she had to go [18:30], Lily complied, but says her mother then set the child locks on both rear doors to “lock her in” to the car, scaring Lily again. She was yelled at and made to feel guilty about “missing out on plans again”.
      • {EXHIBIT: she explains this willingly in dash cam audio; I have a photo, that Lily literally asked me to take, attached already in this court case}
      • {See EXHIBIT: photo of Respondent’s fingernail mark on Lily’s arm}
  • Continued physical injury
    • [2016-06-18], Lily says she was thrown to the ground as well as told angrily “will you just be quiet?” by Respondent. Lily says her mother held her hand over her mouth, pulled her necklace backwards on her neck, and caused a noticeable wide scratch on the rear left of her neck that is over an inch long. Respondent told her “if anyone asks about the scratch, tell them the necklace moved and it scratched you, not that I did it”. Lily went to school and told people the truth when asked about it, and Respondent used her influences through Lily’s peers and their parents to falsely claim Lily was being dishonest.
      • {See EXHIBIT: photo of scratch on Lily’s neck}
  • Perjury to cover up abusive actions, after further inflicted physical injury
    • [2016-12-11 21:30], Lily reports Respondent hung her from ankles and wrists on Saturday 2016-12-10, “trying to make her cry in front of [Respondent’s much younger boyfriend]” after he was making fun of and joking about how “Lily never cries”, moving her forcibly from the kitchen (where she was doing her school project), “throwing her” to the corner of Respondent’s bed.
      • {See EXHIBIT: Audio recording of description by Lily retained from moment reported}
      • {See EXHIBIT and EXHIBIT: photos of Lily’s injuries on wrist and ankle}
      • {See EXHIBIT: Court order explicitly prohibits the use of corporal punishment, hilariously at manipulatively insistent inclusion by Respondent herself}
      • {See EXHIBIT: Respondent admits to PD to utilizing Corporal Punishment}
      • {EXHIBIT: TalkingParents conversation regarding her inability to verify any of her claims}

Violation of selection of therapist

  • Improper selection of Lily’s therapist, against court order’s expectation that I would have three to select from
    • 2015-09-22 Mediator recommendation, line 5.S. states in pertinent part “If the parties cannot agree upon a therapist within seven (7) days after the filing of this Order, then Mother shall make a list of three (3) therapists to which she can agree and provide it to Father. Thereafter, Father shall have seven (7) days to contact each therapist and Father shall choose one of the three (3) listed therapists.”
  • Respondent unilaterally selected Brittany Peterson as Lily’s therapist without my involvement in selection.
  • Respondent is expecting this therapist to “treat” Lily for alleged behavioral problems she does not exhibit, which is an abusive thing to do to a child.
  • Respondent attempted to fabricate an impeachment of my self at trial, which was overruled, claiming I “cancelled services”, when I did not, after 11 sessions of allegedly “building rapport” with my daughter.

Perjury and violation of civil rights by citing nonexistent problematic behavior of child

  • As immediate remedy, I request minor’s counsel be appointed from court panel, to allow Lily to speak for herself to the Judge, as she consistently requests for well over a year, even including within the scope of her “treatment goal” in therapy: “to be heard”.
  • Attempted to fabricated an alleged “harassment event” to police
    • [2016-04-20, 16:00-19:00] Topper’s Pizza Cheerleading Banquet: Respondent filed an unlawful retaliatory police report, that indicates events that did not occur, namely alleging I “created a scene”. I have witnesses, including my own daughter, her cheerleading coach, photos and a full audio recording of the public school event, which I also have legal permission to attend. There is a restraining order in place, and the very last thing I want anymore is to have anything to do with Respondent, so her alluding of her imagined “fears” is nonsense. Had to file my own incident report with Oxnard PD, in response to the previously filed report by Respondent in which hers was based solely on hearsay and no witnesses.


Respondent hindering communication with me, Cohabitation with long-term boyfriend “stepdad” and “fiance”, and neglectfulness of special needs child with a younger child

  • Respondent repeatedly hinders Lily’s attempts or requests to communicate with me. A recurring motive appears to be so that Lily cannot report things that are happening to her as readily, as Lily distrusts her mother about invading her privacy when attempting, as they occur, to journal things in a timely manner.
    • Lily has her phone on her all the time.
    • It was court ordered to Respondent to maintain, so that Lily can have open communication with both parents.
    • Lily has no problems contacting anyone she needs to the entire time she’s within my custody.
    • Lily often is unable to contact me for multiple days while with Respondent, or even respond to a text message, or a follow-up to telling me she plans to call me.
    • Lily does not trust journaling about this while in Respondent’s custody, since Respondent has been observed consistently disrespecting boundaries and privacy.

L: My mom gave me the phone, and I can contact you and her, but I don’t want to contact her, because why would I contact someone that says I’m lying, stealing, and threw me into the wall, and many other things?

  • Lily reports on 2016-12-28, that Respondent told all three children that “they have a new stepdad”, with all five present at the fifth-wheel trailer. This person is reported to either secretively or blatantly bully the children in various ways, and apparently has mentioned to Lily that he plans on proposing over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.
  • As March 2017 began, it had been revealed that Respondent neglectfully allowed Kaylie continued access to “shock pornography” videos and graphics (“hentai”, “BDSM”, “fingering”, &c), which Kaylie had suddenly become obsessed with to the point of insisting Lily watch either online with her or in person demonstrations by her, as Lily attempts to refuse or avoid the uncomfortable provocations. These events are typical of Respondent’s parenting style of leaving the children unattended in her fifth-wheel trailer while she attends to her boyfriend external to this home (including retreating to his truck to smoke marijuana from a pipe), birthday parties (with evidence previously submitted to court), “errands”, and so on. Kaylie has been admitted to multiple mental health holds in which she specifically reports “feeling unsafe around mother”, and cites such as reasons why she either runs away or attempts suicide. Lily reports, and CPS verifies, that Kaylie has been placed in a semi-permanent shelter in Bakersfield. I could only imagine at this point how none of this would’ve ever happened if Kaylie wasn’t intentionally alienated and removed from her loving stepfather by Respondent, citing entirely unprovable hearsay as her motives for her aggravated kidnapping of these children on 2014-09-30 and 2015-08-22, the first of which the mother caused Kaylie intentional and directed alienation by drilling into Kaylie’s head that I was allegedly “crazy”, a fact Kaylie revealed to me finally in April 2015. I’ve always had open communication with my daughters, and I have historical evidence to prove it. None of them have had any reason to “fear me” until Kaylie’s behavior flipped in September 2014, very much coinciding with Respondent’s vague “fear of men” ploy she attempted to press through Kaylie’s therapist.

Social harassment

  • Respondent, through the manipulation of another social member Jeffrey Albaugh, caused a very public online slandering situation on 2016-10-29, the night before an entire local event being cancelled out of Respondent falsely alleging I would be a “danger” to people if I attended, despite being one of the first to reserve my attendance nearly a month in advance upon the original coordinator’s personal invitation.  The entire conversation, which has partially been removed online, has been retained for further review.  {See EXHIBIT}


Unlawful proximity to usage of alcohol and drugs…

  • …and rampant involvement with inappropriate activities or circumstances.

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