I move to impeach Respondent for her incapacity for honesty, as it is this same dishonesty that has manipulated this entire case in her favor. There has been no official psychological evaluation done of Lily, and if one is necessary to exonerate my daughter from her mother’s “cherry-picked” hopeful diagnosis, then we demand Lily has a county psychological examination for an unbiased evaluation. She does not have “Oppositional Defiant Disorder”. This is a factitious diagnosis facilitated by Respondent to further her motives {See EXHIBIT}, all the way back to her confusing intention of getting her in therapy for allegedly “lying”. I’ve pointed out evidence of suspicion of her own factitious “disabilities” from numerous sources. I’ve requested a psychological evaluation of Respondent since the start, when she tried to shoehorn false allegations of “crossdressing”, “confusing the kids”, and “yelling all the time” as *equal* to “imminent threat of physical harm”.

At minimum,
1) Respondent was suspected in 2012 by a custody evaluator of factitious disabilities.
2) Respondent used her access to therapy to manipulate her own personal therapist toward her confirmation bias, then
3) proceeded to do the same to Lily to discredit her,
4) proceeded to use every bit of systemic discrimination and bias to her advantage, while 5) socially ruining my reputation with slander to people who are clueless of any bit of honor.

I don’t know what I don’t know. Ventura County Superior Court has placed me in an increasingly impossible situation, spanning multiple years, kept my stepchildren from me based on fraudulent testimony, and then took my daughter from me and forced her into the access of the person who hurts her, after legitimately reported too many times. The judge’s perception and judgments of this case have been completely wrong. The judge has allowed himself to be influenced by a sociopathic narcissistic — the same one who pretended to love me for over eight years while actually biding her time to systemically get rid of me. This same person influences her lawyer and the mediator with endless lies, even throwing the PD and CPS off her trail, and the court’s lack of capable or timely decision making has taken in Respondent’s thoroughly established biases, hearsay, slander, fraud, emotional manipulation, and rampant physical and psychological abuse through these people verbatim, while pretending I’m just “misunderstanding” the last ten years of my life.


List of people who have said Lily does NOT exhibit these “problems” (with direct declarative testimony from each)

  • Lily {EXHIBIT: Lily Concerns, and multiple audio and video recordings with permission}
  • Cole Prime, biological father
  • Anonymous foster home owner
  • My brother, present in trial as a personal witness
  • My sub-contracted client of four years and family friend for six, also present in trial as a personal witness
  • Lily’s 4th grade teacher, at multiple conferences {See EXHIBIT}
  • Lily’s 3rd grade teacher {See EXHIBIT}
    • Confirms absolutely no “disruptive” behavior whatsoever via email and report card, aside from recovery from minor depression
      • Beneficial adjustment to and coping with situational depression, brought on by her mother, has been largely influenced and facilitated by her transgender feminine father, as Lily herself would testify, allowing her to build her own self-confidence
  • Lily’s school principal {See EXHIBIT}
    • Says Lily “is a happy child who seems to be making great gains both socially, emotionally and academically”
    • Tells Lily she’s a “kind, sweet girl”
  • Lily’s 3rd grade cheerleading coach
  • A minimum of 10 personal declarations from other professionals, already submitted, and ignored, in court. {EXHIBITS}


List of people who have said Lily exhibits these “problems”

  • Alicia Ricks/Anderson/Harte/Parry, biological mother {Respondent}
  • List of people influenced by Respondent alone who repeat these “problems”, or have shown bias toward Respondent’s slanderous version of events (with evidence on each):
    • VCBH Therapist Intern Brittany Peterson
      • Peterson: “Targeted behaviors include reduction of oppositional and physically aggressive behavior, lying, stealing, distractibility in school, increased sadness and difficulty articulating her feelings.”
      • Peterson: “General treatment goals have included building rapport with Lily and establishing a safe holding environment for Lily to express herself.” {EXHIBIT}
        • Allegedly, after eleven sessions with Lily, funded by Medi-Cal, they’re still “establishing” environmental rapport with someone who openly discusses her feeling with people she trusts?
          • “Building rapport” is code for “we’re milking this situation for the medical money because we don’t know what to do and don’t want to be liable for picking sides”, when Lily *herself* is being quoted by the therapist as having a self proclaimed goal: “To have people hear me.” and it STILL isn’t happening after 11 tries with the “therapist”.
        • Lily says Respondent lies and says I am allegedly “bossy toward Respondent” and “keeps trying to start arguments”, trying to “take custody”, &c, despite having clear consistent records that set this accurate instead.
        • Lily defended me and said “that’s not true” and was then dismissed out of the room as a result
        • Peterson: “Lily will you please step out of the room, I want to speak with your mom, not you at the moment”
      • Lily’s concerns:
        • Lily’s treated like a very little kid
        • After Lily told Brittany about the scratch on her neck Respondent caused via strangulation in June 2016, Brittany said something like “Oh I know your mom would never do something like that”
        • When Lily brings up concerns, they are not discussed with any regard to Lily’s intelligence and cognitive ability
        • VCBH office is pushing a diagnosis of my daughter that absolutely no one would support the validity of other than Lily’s mother.
      • My question to you: IS IT ABUSIVE to “treat” a child for “behavioral problems” they do NOT exhibit?  What a bizarre rhetorical question I would be required to ask!
    • VCBH Therapist Moriyah Simone (superceded)
      • Notes from 2015-11-05:
        • Moriyah, dismissively to me, via phone text, after telling me I’m not going to any more appointments: “Stay as calm as you can and do the right thing by the child. The court says 50/50. I am working now.”
        • Lily said her therapist Moriyah essentially coached her with suggestive questions like “so you want to spend time with your father because he buys you things?” which Lily flatly denies (and of course so do I).
    • Respondent’s law group, who she is somehow funding over $8,000, and I now think knows they might be in for a liability lawsuit in the near future, now claiming they’re simply doing their jobs
    • Ventura County Superior Court Judges Smiley and Conroy
    • Specific Child Protective Services agents
      • Disclaimer: To be absolutely clear that I’ve done everything I could possibly do here, including multiple appropriate CPS calls, it will be on the conscience of their department if my oldest stepdaughter Kaylie ends up dead, because CPS isn’t looking into this and helping me end abuse and manipulation by the mother, when such pleas for advocacy were solicited so openly.
      • Christy Conlon
        • Lily says Christy “didn’t really listen to [her]”, told her “but you’re supposed to love your mother!”, and made her feel like she was being told what to say instead of believing her.
          • My constant reassurance for Lily is to be confident, always speak the direct and honest truth, and tell people what you want to have happen without letting them make you do something that makes you uncomfortable.
      • Christine Skehen
        • …claims on 5/5 “when [she] visited Respondent’s fifth-wheel trailer, Lily was there and she was ‘sitting on Respondent’s lap, happy and having a good time'”, and when Lily was visited at school “on Thursday (4/28)”, she articulated her thoughts and emotions concisely about not wanting to live with her mother and only with Petitioner.
        • Lily says that she was never visited by Christine at the trailer, and that Christine visited Respondent “during lunch”, so she wasn’t even there.
    • Kaylie, oldest stepdaughter, high-functioning autistic, due to 19+ months of alienation, and a related downward spiral that has included suicide attempts and runaways from the mother, who allegedly according to the mother “wants nothing to do with me”.
      • I had been parent to Kaylie since she was 4.5 years old, and Bre since she was 2.5, both of which were immediately calling me “daddy”, without correction by Respondent, until I insisted privately that this is probably inappropriate until we had a proper relationship.
      • Respondent began a thorough alienation of me in 2014 by insisting privately to Kaylie that her stepfather “is crazy”.
      • Respondent was pressuring me as recently as 2013 to adopt Kaylie officially so she could “change her name”.
        {See EXHIBIT: Respondent’s signed and dated adoption request to the person currently named on the birth certificate, who himself is not even the biological father}


“Dr. Jymie Lynn Darling PhD”

In my own life, before the election, I was harassed by a proven Stolen Valor, proud to be born on the same day as Hitler, and a vocal Trump supporter Jymie Lynn (“Darling”) Owens, who claims to be a doctor but is not. My ex wife (Respondent), suspected of factitiously diagnosed mental disorders, believed she was a “doctor”, so Jymie’s instigation on two occasions inspired the mentally unstable person Respondent to commit aggravated kidnapping of children due to coerced imagined fear of dread, by way of influencing a “Transgender Panic Scare” tactic. Jymie’s instigation was retaliation for what she perceived to be an online “challenge to her authority” of knowledge, and it is a repeating abusive behavior of hers, as can be testified by many of her victims now.

This person demonstrates to be an instigator of arguments and violent suggestions against anyone who disagrees with her, to the point at one time it caused her to exit a long-term business partnership with her lover, and spread rumors about the incident. She would even argue on Facebook, pitting her friends against each other, about a math problem that she asserts there’s an “American way that’s wrong” and “her way” that’s the “same as the way the rest of the world does it” or something. She was still being pointed out by multiple caring friends regarding inaccuracies in her method, and she would lash back with insults and tag others to join in on her verbal attacks of who she considered dissenters to her ideas, went forward to block me as part of one of these people, then insult me publicly about it. I retained a copy of her response afterward, and possibly a copy of the math problem conversation, and the thread in the occult group that supposedly led her to think I was showing signs of being a “family annihilator” when I was simply asking multiple relevant philosophical questions I had saved for such a conversation, well within the topics of discussion in the online group.

This case involving multiple kidnappings, fraud, and rooted in transgender discrimination, will be resolved by pressing for charges on Respondent. But for Jymie, we have many points of evidence of her manipulative behavior, and now other people who she has pulled the same type of mental defamation scam simply by planting her slithering persuasive seed.

Jymie Owens/Darling was certainly not licensed or qualified to presume any diagnoses of me through my ex wife.


2017-04-08, Lily, Cole, Full Interview:
(turn on closed-captioning!)

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