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Returning Lily to her abuser is a repetitive violation of her civil rights to safety, FC § 3020. Respondent continues to attempt bribes with Lily, using her sisters and various gifts as bait, despite her misunderstanding of what her own daughter values in life.

If the logic that allows Respondent to have kidnapped the children from our 2015 family home was valid enough for her to keep my daughter away from me for no valid or provable reason, undeniably, for OVER a month, then why would the court not listen to direct testimony of evidence and a dozen witness in order to determine the obvious, and furthermore continue to assert that my daughter belongs with a long-term abusive person in ANY capacity, in direct opposition to her safety and civil rights?

Repeated attempts to insist on mediation and assigning a liaison to facilitate Lily’s stress-free education via the McKinney-Vento Act have been met with Respondent continuously denying facts and skipping out on opportunities to resolve issues in any timely manner. To be perfectly clear about something as I was with the principal of Lily’s school, and his supervisor: the only way the mother, who is documented mentally disturbed, will ever be expected to make a valid decision for our daughter, is if we have a liaison or mediator available through the district. Otherwise, I have 19 months of evidence, pressed charges, and more to show you that Lily’s mother has been the sole hindrance in her consistent education.


Declaration of Petitioner, submitted 2016-12-28

  1. Respondent continues to abuse Lily, and Petitioner is hampered in ability to seek appropriate orders in court. After a vexation order was sought wrongfully against Petitioner, Lily was physically abused again, including being hung by Respondent from her ankles and wrists on Saturday 2016-12-10, “trying to make her cry in front of [Respondent’s much younger boyfriend]” after he was making fun of and joking about how “Lily never cries”, moving her forcibly from the kitchen (where she was doing her school project), “throwing her” to the corner of Respondent’s bed. Audio Recording of description by Lily has been retained. Lily continues to declare that she is done being released to her abuser. A police report was filed, CPS involvement had been requested, and Respondent then managed to fabricate claims surrounding the incident and perjure herself both to court {See EXHIBIT} and to the Oxnard Police Department {See EXHIBIT}.
  2. It is a continued violation of Lily’s civil rights to be forced against her will to be released to a confirmed abusive parent such as Respondent, who has obtained fraudulent discriminatory orders, who further attempts to frame all parties involved, namely her own children and ex spouse, in order to obscure and redirect attention on her abuse and problematic behavior of many forms.
  3. Petitioner is the only person in place who can effectively protect Lily’s rights.
  4. No agency ever “removed” the kids in 2015. Respondent committed aggravated kidnapping herself, twice within a year, then used a “women’s battered shelter”, manipulating the situation because Respondent physically had the two kids (one mentally autistic who has been trained to parrot the mother when scared, and one who was too young and scared to defend herself in the moments), who got her in with a “domestic violence advocate”, who manipulated a conservative judge who ignored my defense immediately and granted an immediate Domestic Violence Order which included a sustained restraining order keeping me from my two stepdaughters.
  5. By association with the same discriminatory ignorance to my plight by the few people “within power” to do something about it and correct this, I am forced by the same judge to share 50/50 custody of only my 9 year old biological daughter, with this same abusive person, a person with multiple decades of mismanaged and factitious “mental health” problems on record at various hospitals and offices, who now has been granted full control over her schooling and medical, and is awarded over a year thus far with a burdensome and unfairly granted support order, in full excess of what Petitioner can make in a month, compounded by improperly imposed sanctions –- direct violations of any attempt at earning toward basic survival.
  6. The ENTIRE time, the problem every step of the way has been systematic complacency and apathy to the facts, clearly defined and freely offered consistently by Petitioner. This ignorance occurs largely due to further slander and manipulation by Respondent, to continue to attempt to cover up her tracks, and project blame anywhere but herself, utilizing literally nothing but hearsay.
  7. Respondent’s cause of the loss of my employment, at minimum, by her “transgender panic” method of facilitating her initial ex parte request for Domestic Violence Orders, caused a civil rights violation to occur in this court case when eventually forcing Petitioner into becoming indebted to the truly abusive person, passing on later admittedly admissible evidence compiled as a 100-page thorough refuting of Respondent’s original fraudulent declaration, as “improperly filed” with no further explanation, causing yet another further 3-4 month delay while I aggressively sought advocacy and assistance with my allegedly “improperly filed ex parte”.
  8. The vexatious order impedes ability to file requests to modify the onerous support orders. It would be appropriate to order the withdrawal of improperly imposed sanctions ruled against Petitioner. It is unfair for the judge to expect me to foot the bill for Respondent, when it’s his decisions that have caused her to have “wasted so much money” in the first place, causing me to then defend against an attacker for over a year beyond her abusive and abrupt end to our relationship and family.


Brief Timeline of Respondent’s retaliatory and manipulative actions

  1. August 2011, Respondent has manic rage episode, an event claimed to be a “flashback” with a later apology, involved her attempts to frame Petitioner using CPS, declared unfounded.
  2. January 2012, despite Respondent and Petitioner living together, a sudden DCSS case for $0 payment by Petitioner came to be open. Petitioner’s requests for Respondent’s explanation were met with avoidance.
  3. During 2012-2014, aside from a mostly agreeable family environment, Respondent deteriorates gradually with her argumentativeness, misplaced suspicions, generic “trust issues”, instigation and suspiciousness, self-deprecation, and bipolar moods. Petitioner continues to be a constant moral support and personal therapist for Respondent’s problems, working their life around these “issues” she has.
  4. September 30, 2014, Respondent removes children from home, falsely alleging Petitioner was “crazy” after locking Petitioner closed in home office. Respondent’s action was part of yet another manic rage episode, which she again “apologized” for in an anniversary card, despite continuing to gaslight Petitioner. Respondent revealed to Petitioner that her influence for her actions was from “Dr Jymie Lynn Darling”.
  5. November 2014, Kaylie was admitted to a week hold for mental health, which unfortunately I found out later on was due to her extreme confusion of “who to trust”, brought on by her mother removing her from the house temporarily the month before and improperly labeling me as “crazy”.
  6. April 2015, Petitioner candidly found out from Kaylie that she had spent the previous six months secretly terrified purely because Respondent had her believing Petitioner was actually “crazy”, and never bothered to correct this confusion.
  7. August 22, 2015, Respondent commits aggravated kidnapping of children for second time within a year; same police involved.
  8. August 28, 2015, at “couple’s therapy”, Respondent begins fabricating events. Petitioner told Respondent and her sister that their online attacks were inappropriate, and that I would need to get a restraining order if they didn’t stop.
  9. September 2, 2015, Respondent falsified declaration for a fraudulent Domestic Violence Order. Petitioner was forced to begin immediate defense with legitimate orders, and had begun enduring the worst form of emotional abuse ever: having children removed from me illegally, while losing employment due to the sudden upheaval of life. Respondent was positioning herself to attempt a sudden conservative “transgender panic defense” by intentionally misleading her lawyer team and the court to believe that transgender Petitioner was ever abusive or in any way lacking capability, and furthermore intentionally misrepresenting by using improper terminology or confounding by fabricating horrible events. Respondent used her own abuses of the family as projections in order to attempt escape from her own guilt.
  10. All further actions by Respondent have been retaliatory to cover up her previous poor decisions fuelled by her mental illness and confirmation bias. All further actions by Petitioner have therefore clearly, verifiably so, been in competent defense or correction of Respondent’s actions.
  11. Petitioner requested a hearing through DCSS in April 2016. Respondent then submitted fraudulent form information to DCSS and the court, with more falsifying actions.
  12. Respondent continues to assert in clear contradiction to what Lily reports, being that Respondent coaches the three children repetitively, asserting falsely many alienation tactics as though Petitioner “shouldn’t be trusted”, that Petitioner “hates them”, using threats that “if [she] lives with [me], [she] will never see her sisters [or her “stuff”] again”, while Respondent references the current court order that she fraudulently obtained as though her “getting away” with having it granted gives it full irrevocable validity. California Penal Code § 278.5(c) states “A custody order obtained after the taking, enticing away, keeping, withholding, or concealing of a child does not constitute a defense to a crime charged under this section.”
  13. Respondent has broken the law multiple times, and has intentionally tied Petitioner up in litigation for an entire year, continuing every court conference or hearing to delay further, after forcing me to deal with the emotional trauma of having two of my three children kept from me illegally, and all three continue to endure abuse of multiple kinds administered by Respondent. I respectfully request the court recognize the larger picture of this court case, take into account all existing and further available evidence and testimony, and grant Petitioner and children release from Respondent’s cyclical abuse and criminal activity.

My court filings, highest relevance

  1. 2015-09-02 Declaration in response to Respondent Ex Parte …immediate response by Petitioner to Respondent’s original fraudulent Ex Parte Domestic Violence request, demonstrating consistency throughout this court case, but was ignored due to Respondent’s initial hearsay and establishment of conservative bias using the “Transgender Panic” attack against me through litigation.
  2. 2015-12-07 Full FL-300 Motion to Vacate Orders, attachments ...Judge Smiley’s only response in court to me was that it was “improperly filed”, after working on this being done “the right way” for nearly two months, which thoroughly disheartened my efforts to the point where I was questioning how I was doing everything in litigation for the next nearly four months, seeking out in futility for advocacy from no less than 60 different places, including out of the area. I did this all for the purpose of “not angering the judge” any further than he appears to be while offering absolutely no justice based on plainly defined facts of the case, including plenty of evidence he later in trial confirmed admissible, after he had summarily awarded support in excess of my earning ability to my abuser.
  3. 2016-03-23 MC-025 Declaration attached to FL-300 “regular filing” …regular “refiling” of the 2015-12-07 filing with the ultimate assistance of Ventura Self Help Center, which was supposed to be for a trial request for prior to the school year dismissal, that became continued multiple times by Respondent from May through to September.
  4. 2016-04-20 Full FL-300 Motion to Relinquish parental rights, attachments …physical abuse of my daughter by Respondent evidenced and ignored in court, among many other points of abuse, as suggested to detail as such by CPS, PHPD, and various lawyers at this point.
  5. 2016-06-13 Full FL-300 filing …request for costs in direct response to Respondent’s continued claims to payment from the person she abused, since clearly Respondent is/was receiving funding from some unknown source for her lawyer. A Notice To Produce in August was responded improperly by Respondent, intentionally obscuring the source of this income, as well as what happened to the savings of all three children that I had previously contributed to.
  6. 2016-06-15 Full Motion for Protective Order …request for protective order to deny revealing the address of the person who temporarily fostered Petitioner and their daughter, to someone with demonstratively dangerous tendencies. Temporary Judge Conroy forced me to give up the address or threatened suspending seeing my child, despite my declarations of cooperation with CPS, DCSS, multiple police departments, &c, and furthermore accused me of “whining”, when pointing out that the basis for this case has all along been in transgender discrimination, and very specific pointed manipulations by Respondent and lawyer.
  7. 2016-06-20-5 MC-030 Amendment to Motion for Protective Order …and the amendment to the above motion which revealed fresh physical abuse of my daughter Lily via strangulation *immediately* after Respondent’s awareness of last filing.
  8. 2016-07-18-1 Filed Motion to Compel Arbitration and for Protective Order …complete with many pertinent laws and police involvement, ignored in court.
  9. 2016-07-26-1 Full FL-300 …includes seven personal declarations as various points of character reference for all parties involved, as well as multiple other points of obvious manipulation by Respondent.
  10. 2016-08-08-1 Full FL-300 School change …I had very clearly demonstrated that Respondent was unwilling to have any discussion, that she had no basis for her reasons for keeping Lily at a school for “consistency”, (one she was bullied at, only attended for a year, that Lily no longer wished to attend, that neither of her parents lived near anymore), as well as the hypocrisy of Respondent pulling autistic Kaylie from her established junior high environment prior to her third and final year to a poorly rated school, considering I had also demonstrated that the school I lived around the corner from was a highly-rated school. Continued by Judge until the decision would be too late to be made properly.
  11. 2016-08-21-1 Full FL-300 Set Aside Orders …was a RESPONSE again to Respondent’s meritless attempt to remove custody from Petitioner.
  12. 2016-08-31-1 Full FL-300 School change …another attempt to point to the Judge about Respondent’s direct sabotage of Lily’s education. Continued by Judge until the decision would be too late to be made properly.
  13. 2016-09-08-3 Full Trial Brief …includes itemized invalidation of Respondent’s Ex Parte Declaration filed in hearing dated 2015-09-02 (same I filed on 2015-12-07), in addition to declarations from 2016-07-26 filing, and more. I also had two witnesses attend to testify at trial. The judge appears to have been manipulated by Respondent’s display of crying on the stand at trial, while ignoring the nuances pointing to this dramatization being false, aiming to “teach me a lesson”, as revealed in his 13-page ruling.
  14. 2016-12-28-1 Filed Responsive Declaration of Petitioner
    • …was a RESPONSE to Respondent’s scenario claiming Lily and I falsified the continued abuse done upon her, complete with exhibits pointing to this fraudulent manipulation of the court’s perception of her own daughter, again in order to discredit my efforts, in opposition to every other authority in Lily’s life who verifies her genuine credibility. The judge defended me for the first time in this 16 month long torment, as a result of this filing.
    • Judge Smiley told Respondent’s lawyer sternly that he will NOT entertain any further motions by her to change custody, and it will be up to appeals to change from week on/off exchange (Paraphrased: I’m not going to change custody, I’m not going to remove custody, I’m not ordering supervised visits. The case is in appeals, go there.)
    • Next exchange to take place no later than 12/28 11am at OPD, which was nearly immediately at my request. Recipient receives child at PD near residence of custodial parent, also at my long standing request.
  15. Absolutely all other filings were made in direct response to something Respondent’s law firm had filed or threatened, to challenge or abuse me in various ways toward erasure, silence, &c, despite competently and consistently defending the safety of my three daughters and my self.
  16. Respondent’s law firm has surprisingly withdrawn from her case on 2017-02-22 and offered no explanation. Discussion of any resolution to open issues with Respondent via TalkingParents remains thoroughly fruitless due to Respondent’s assertion of sociopathic control wherever she’s able to maintain it, even if only temporarily.

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