Lily, my only biological daughter, is a creative, openly honest person who, when away from alienation tactics by her mother, is confident and articulate, thriving on responsibility, learning new things and ways to do things. With her mother, Lily is encouraged toward laziness, complacency, and emotional abuse by alienation, which, until recently when Lily was able to have the clarity of understanding the manipulation that was happening to her within her mother’s care, she would begin to feel herself unworthy of her own happiness, due to the confusion of “who to trust”, brought on incessantly by her mother, insisting that the mere notion that she is the “mother” is somehow superior to the status of “father”, purely because Respondent says it is and repeats it like a mantra to all three children in subtle or direct ways.

Respondent has habitually and frequently pressured Lily with alienation tactics: “If you have to choose between me and your dad, you’ll choose *me*, right? Because I’m your *mother*.” Intentional emphasis is placed on “mother” by Respondent, for the direct emotional manipulation to imply to Lily that being her “mother” is somehow “more important” than her “father”. This is the exact same tactic Respondent used on Kaylie on 2015-08-22, implying that being her “biological mother” was superior to any authority I have in her life, so due to her impressionability, she immediately and irrationally took her side, since this alienation already had precedence with Respondent’s previous attempts of alienation, with projecting incorrect labels onto me like “crazy”, “gaslighting”, “crossdressing”, &c.

I’m so proud of how well Lily is handling what’s happening around her and all these changes out of our control, and I remind her. I’m thrilled and honored to witness her creative brilliance, one previously hindered in every way in all three children during Respondent’s previous sociopathic “reign” and hindrances on our daily lives. I’m grateful for the amazing amount of happy memories I have with her, and I’m still endlessly excited to see what we can accomplish together in the future.  The alternative: A life of safety is impossible with Respondent’s involvement on a regular basis, until justice prevails. There is only one possible outcome to this court case: My daughter will never have a harmful hand laid on her by her physically/psychologically abusive mother ever again.

Lily has never given me any reason to distrust her character, so if she tells me something happens to her, I believe her.  See More at “Points Of Abuse”…

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