Disclaimer: This list is NOT exhaustive.  More content will be filtered in as time permits.  Last updated: 2017-04-06

  • Immediate sole custody to Petitioner.
    • Abuse happened again on 12/10 from her mother, including many referenced instances before and after. We’ve “tried the order” for three months, then this happened. The reason for multiple valid litigation attempts for over a year was to prevent this.
    • If the judge/court wants to see me less often, modify physical custodial arrangement that actually ensures the safety of this child, at most: Alternating weekends, timed with when she can see her sister Bre, but she would also be able to interact otherwise while Lily is in my capable care, considering the cooperation of her sister’s father.
  • Request minor’s counsel appointed from court’s panel.
    • Lily requires representation appointed to her to represent her well-being, since according to FL-321-INFO, the main reason listed is “if parents significantly disagree about issues of parenting time and a child is experiencing stress”.
    • Lily would like to formally request legal representation, to remove custodial access of herself from her mother and ongoing abuse secretively administered upon her and her sisters.  As immediate remedy, I request minor’s counsel be appointed from court panel, to allow Lily to speak for herself to the Judge, as she consistently requests for well over a year, even including within the scope of her “treatment goal” in therapy: “to be heard”.
  • Safety is THE primary concern, and always has been. A Domestic Violence Order is appropriate here, which will include protection and unhindered conversation for all three sisters and me from Respondent or any of her direct associates or accomplices.
    • DVO restraining mother Respondent from further endangerment and neglect of children, as well as any interference with my life in any way as a result of her intimate violence against me, constantly reported as abuse to the authorities as early as September 2014. Respondent’s repetitive denial of actual abuse she administers secretively is absolutely vile, as a form of discrediting her own daughter and her ex-husband she faked love for, spanning nearly 9 years, simply to place me in this position I’m in today for her own remote control and unearned income.
    • Basis is described in many properly-filed attempts to request the judge recognize reality.
  • Petitioner opposes any past or further allegations made by Respondent in her continued abusive attempts to disrepute them or their children, all based entirely on hearsay, that have thoroughly infringed upon our civil rights for 19 months, and that her repetitive attempts to “keep me quiet” be recognized as such, and withdraw the undue vexatious declaration on Petitioner, in the true interest of justice.
  • Petitioner has grounds to file contempt charges based on Respondent’s abusive use of corporal punishment, hindrance of communications, continued disparaging of Petitioner, and unilateral selection of Lily’s therapist.
  • Petitioner has grounds to terminate the support order because Respondent is cohabitating with a romantic partner with whom she has become engaged.
  • Petitioner is seeking a restraining order against “Dr Jymie Lynn Darling” for her public self-implication in the incident surrounding Respondent’s double kidnapping of the children, fortunately for our sake, complete with unprovable hearsay, since all contemporaneous records from 2014, as well as additionally associated witnesses since then, shall reveal the crimes and fraud committed to cover up Respondent’s psychological manipulations. {See EXHIBIT: “2017-03-23 Occult musings of Jymie Darling”, in her attempt to “explain away” her part in our story, while implicating herself publicly}  Respondent revealed to Petitioner that her influence for her actions was from “Dr Jymie Lynn Darling” as her “good authority” of my alleged “crazy”.

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