I, Cole Prime, Petitioner in family law case against felonious Cluster-B Respondent, spanning multiple years, wrought with Respondent’s fraud ignored by the Ventura County Superior Court, with “transgender panic” discrimination as the defining factor hindering proper resolution.  I cannot imagine how many lives might have been harmfully impacted by this court’s inability to make fair, unbiased decisions in a timely manner.

It’s important to take sides, and apathy and closed judgement are the death of truth and fairness. I wish everyone I care about could never feel the pain of having their children stolen, and now that it’s nearing the second anniversary of being allowed to converse with my stepdaughters and missing both of their birthdays, I do hope both of them are being told sincerely by *someone* the truth that I love them and literally nothing has changed in that regard.

We MUST address this conservative discrimination by Ventura County Superior Court officials.  The Judge’s apparent dislike for me is great enough that he is willing, at minimum, to expose my children to not only potential harm, but demonstrated harm.  I’m not going to let this court do this to anyone else, and this case needs the assistance of people who know federal law.

Wonder which one will win out in the end….  Is it truth or …*her* version?  I’m certain that verifiable facts destroy hearsay every time.  I’m certain that misleading others into believing you’ve been victimized by someone who has never harmed you is inexcusably hateful and criminal behavior that should not go unpunished.

This is my story, and you can help.  Please absolutely ask me, or read on to find out more.

2017-04-08, Lily, Cole, Full Interview:
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WHAT Is Being Done To My Children?

My daughter Lily is expected to share custodial time evenly with Respondent against her will, while she is abused and neglected emotionally and at times physically, with pictures and years of notes and other admissible evidence.

Respondent has caused Kaylie to fear me, her stepfather of nearly nine years, first for being vaguely “crazy” (which facilitated her initial aggravated kidnapping of the children, 2014-09-30), then for being male due to my voice (this is on record at Kaylie’s therapist from early 2015), then for “confusing” her by “wearing skirts all the time” that her mother had her believing, but were merely BDU shorts. In March 2017, after multiple mental health holds, Kaylie has been placed in a semi-permanent mental health "shelter" in Bakersfield, after becoming runaway and suicidal, an escapism for which she specifically reports "feeling unsafe around mother".

This BARELY begins to tell the story...

Full Details Here

Statements Of Facts

California Penal Code § 278.5(c) very clearly states that “a custody order obtained after the taking, enticing away, keeping, withholding, or concealing of a child does not constitute a defense to a crime charged under this section”.

Respondent removed two children from a home, against their will, on two separate occasions, using threats of imagined dread in these aggravated kidnappings. Domestic Violence orders may only be approved with “imminent threats of physical harm”, and this has been proven to be fraudulent testimony of Respondent, none of which was sufficient for such orders to have been approved at ANY time.

California law declares that custodial orders obtained with fraud are invalid. The judge’s apparent inability to recognize blatant fraud actions by Respondent, clearly defined by multiple pertinent court filings by me, is not something I shall be blamed for.

Everything else that follows became the destructive wake of Respondent's fraudulent cover-up.  Read on...

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Points Of Abuse

Various forms of abuse my daughters and I have endured, as a direct result of Respondent's behavior.  Returning Lily to her abuser is a repetitive violation of her civil rights to safety, FC § 3020.

If the logic that allows Respondent to have kidnapped the children from our 2015 family home was valid enough for her to keep my daughter away from me for no valid or provable reason, undeniably, for OVER a month, then why would the court not listen to direct testimony of evidence and a dozen witness in order to determine the obvious, and furthermore continue to assert that my daughter belongs with a long-term abusive person in ANY capacity, in direct opposition to her safety and civil rights?

Following is an organized timeline of events in court case, including images of abuse and links to larger articles...

Full Details Here

Lily’s Concerns Journal

 Following is a bullet point timeline of Lily's reported concerns and links to larger articles...

Full Details Here

Real vs Wrong

 There has been no official psychological evaluation done of Lily, and if one is necessary to exonerate my daughter from her mother’s “cherry-picked” hopeful diagnosis, then we demand Lily has a county psychological examination for an unbiased evaluation. She does not have “Oppositional Defiant Disorder”. This is a factitious diagnosis facilitated by Respondent to further her motives.

To this effect, here are lists of people who have said Lily does NOT exhibit these “problems” (with direct declarative testimony from each), of people influenced by Respondent alone who repeat these “problems” or have shown bias toward Respondent’s slanderous version of events (with evidence on each), and more...

Full Details Here

Obstruction Of Rights By Judge

There are two types of people involved in this case: one that is influenced by Respondent’s stories who then automatically decides to ignore the testimony of me AND Lily, and one who is willing to allow a person regardless of age to speak for their self when they clearly can.

For over a year, the judge has offered me absolutely nothing I’ve pleaded for and demonstrated I deserve. Why would he expect that I should be contented with that?  Respondent’s actions against me show premeditation based on her mental instability, however her actions to cover up any evidence of her mental instability shows that she *is* cognizant of her illegal actions.

I've included a sampling of laws the court has ignored.

Full Details Here

Lily Attributes

 Lily has never given me any reason to distrust her character, so if she tells me something happens to her, I believe her.

Find out more about Lily here...

Full Details Here

Respondent Attributes

 Respondent, who by all counts exhibits Cluster-B sociopathic personality traits (DSM-IV & DSM-5), has given me years of suspicious and manipulative behavior, with dissociation and easily refutable denials of her own behavior and actions, and then going further and attempting to project her own gaslighting actions onto me.

It is her desire only to “find something wrong” with herself, when it is convenient for her, to manipulate others into doing what she would like them to do.  It is her desire only to “find something wrong” with other people in a way that she can “label” them by her own perspective, as warped as it clearly is, in order to further her selfish motives.

A summary of her condition is included, as well as much more information...

Full Details Here

Respondent And Contempt Of Court

 Respondent has violated the safety and well-being of three children in numerous ways.

I have pointed at evidenced events regarding two of these children to the court, as well as revealing the adverse effect her abuse has had on all of our lives, magnified by a failure by the court to previously recognize further demonstrated sociopathic abusive actions for her own gain.

Petitioner has grounds to file contempt charges based on Respondent’s abusive use of corporal punishment, hindrance of communications, continued disparaging of Petitioner, and unilateral selection of Lily’s therapist.  More details on this follows...

Full Details Here

Suggestions for Lily

 I love Lily and her sisters more than words can convey, and I will always secure their safety the absolute best I can. Love and truth will always win, if you do your best to live a life with both.

Would you like to see the true dynamic between Lily and her Dada?

Full Details Here

Affirmative Relief Requested

 Immediate sole custody to Petitioner.

Request minor’s counsel appointed from court’s panel.

Safety is THE primary concern, and always has been. A Domestic Violence Order is appropriate here, which will include protection and unhindered conversation for all three sisters and me from Respondent or any of her direct associates or accomplices.

Petitioner opposes any past or further allegations made by Respondent in her continued abusive attempts to disrepute them or their children, all based entirely on hearsay, that have thoroughly infringed upon our civil rights for 19 months, and that her repetitive attempts to “keep me quiet” be recognized as such, and withdraw the undue vexatious declaration on Petitioner, in the true interest of justice.

Petitioner has grounds to file contempt charges based on Respondent’s abusive use of corporal punishment, hindrance of communications, continued disparaging of Petitioner, and unilateral selection of Lily’s therapist.

Petitioner has grounds to terminate the support order because Respondent is cohabitating with a romantic partner with whom she has become engaged.

Petitioner is seeking a restraining order against “Dr Jymie Lynn Darling” for her public self-implication in the incident surrounding Respondent’s double kidnapping of the children

More details follow...

Full Details Here

The Hidden Face of Transgender Discrimination in the Pagan Community: Pagan Transgender Parent Seeks Pro-Bono Representation to Appeal Fraudulent Custody Order

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2016-11-22, LOS ANGELES / VENTURA COUNTIES – A loving father, deprived of parental rights in a blatant case of transgender discrimination, put out a call for pro-bono representation to mount an appeal…

Justice League: Jymie’s so-called “stalker army”

…in reality, where the rest of us live, this “stalker army” is more of a “justice league” against narcissistic sociopaths, who think they can pull the “look I can barely act out the ‘cute-ish’ persona enough to pull the victim/martyr card while keeping any detractors from directly responding” bit and continue to get away with it — until now…

Public Crucifixion by Slanderous Entities

#TransgenderDiscrimination I was attacked yet again last night, with the opening of a public “discussion” about whether or not I should be “dis-invited” to an event today. This is what unfolded…

This Is Devotion

…to my daughters, to my self,
and to anyone my discoveries can help.

This was 11 live tracks, and not a single scratch track! And the video is silly too, lol… Sorry about the missed notes…

Federal Lawsuit Against Judge John Smiley’s Discrimination

I, Cole Prime, Petitioner in year-long family law case against felonious Cluster-B Respondent, shall be initiating a federal lawsuit against Ventura County Superior Court for transgender discrimination.

Jymie Darling is attacking Marie Bargas and Shawn Armstrong for exposing her as a Fraud

…In my time as a public relations professional, I had the misfortune of working with Jymie Lynn Darling on an event that was scheduled in the late summer of 2015 in the Los Angeles Area called Pagan Day Fest. I never imagined that Staff Sergeant Shawn Armstrong, U.S. Army Infantry, retired and I would ever have an occasion to meet. But, our lives were intertwined because we helped expose Jymie Darling as a fraud (Stolen Valor). And, I have to admit that our lives will never be the same again. You see, we are still targets of Jymie Lynn Darling’s harassment and abuse to this day…

What It Means When a Narcissist Says “I Love You”

Only a therapist, with experience in this, stands a chance, and even then, only if I choose to really, really, really let him/her! (That’s because I’d have to face my greatest fear that, not only am I not superior to everyone and thus not entitled to make and break rules as I please, but I’d also have to own — that my own actions, thoughts and beliefs about myself and others — are THE main cause of the suffering in my life … and changing them, THE solution. I could not would not ever want to do this for the sole reason that, from my worldview, only the feeble-minded and weak do such things!)

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