LOS ANGELES / VENTURA COUNTIES – A loving father, deprived of parental rights in a blatant case of transgender discrimination, put out a call for pro-bono representation to mount an appeal.

Cole Prime is a pagan genderfluid parent who married a bisexual woman. At the time, Alicia was comfortable marrying and raising a family that included her two daughters from two other fathers. Three years ago she was still comfortable enough to say she wanted Cole to adopt her oldest daughter.

America’s court system hasn’t caught up with evolving attitudes on gender reassignment. Earlier this year, USA Today reported that “what’s unconscionable to trans activists is that while a label-preoccupied America grapples with the enormous perceived threat of sexual ambiguity and gender fluidity (despite a national love affair with the late Prince, who irreverently transcended gender norms) these anti-trans laws pose a ferocious threat to the safety and dignity of not only trans men and women, but to anyone who doesn’t conform to traditional gender roles.”

In a startling turn, the normally progressive pagan community, which vilified elder Z Budapest for her non-inclusive event at Pantheacon in 2012, failed to “walk the walk and talk the talk.” The destruction of this family was instigated and supported from within the pagan community by known figures who otherwise publicly support gay and transgender rights.

On September 30, 2014, Cole’s children were taken away. Alicia sought unofficial counseling from pagan community “elder” Jymie Lynn Darling/Owens, producer of Los Angeles’ upcoming Pagan Day Fest 2017. The session happened shortly after Cole questioned Darling’s “occult expertise” in a public argument on social media. Darling, who promotes herself as a qualified Ph.D.-holding mental health professional, diagnosed Cole as a dangerous bipolar, specifically a “family annihilator,” who “terrified his wife and children” and “lost his marbles,” and an unfit parent. She based her diagnosis on the Facebook postings. Her fan base accepted the label and Cole was ostracized from the community.

Cole believes the diagnosis and its subsequent public exposure was a response to their public disagreement. Cole claims that Darling effectively leveraged transphobia to destroy a long-held reputation within the community, and that her influence continues to cause harm even though Darling’s 2016 Pagan Day Fest hosted acclaimed peace activist Rev. Patrick McCollum at an event geared towards promoting world peace. It seems as if the Los Angeles Pagan Community is encased in a selectively permeable bubble that excludes anything that might interfere with their fun.

And yet the struggle for equality remains all too real.

More recently, Jeffrey Albaugh, program manager for Cherry Hill Seminary sided with Alicia based on Darling’s hearsay. Albaugh holds a B.A. in Theater, an M.A. in Depth Psychology. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate investigating the emergent psychology of contemporary Paganism in the United States. It is widely known that the Cherry Hill Seminary supports Ruth Barrett, a celebrated Dianic Wiccan High Priestess who is vocally protesting transgender inclusion. In both instances the facts around Cole’s mental health and disposition have been distorted or misrepresented completely to paint a negative portrait of a human being who simply wants the right to be with their kids.

As a result, the children were kidnapped twice. The first abduction occurred on September 30, 2014, on the same day Cole had an online disagreement with Jymie Darling. The kids were abducted again on August 22nd, 2015. In both instances Cole called the police and both times they were predisposed to believe the mother, who has a documented diagnosis of mental illness, a record of substance abuse and documented instances of self-harm. In juxtaposition, Cole has no record of mental illness, a clean record and not so much as even a parking ticket. Prior to the divorce debacle Cole was the family’s sole support and had a growing web development business. Since then Cole has had to declare bankruptcy, and is now living in a foster home after a recent eviction.

“Same-sex marriage became legal in 18 more states in 2014,” according to the 2015 release version of “A Report From The National Coalition Of Anti-Violence Programs.”

“Marriage equality is a critical and important issue for many LGBTQ people. However, it is imperative that the fundamental rights of LGBTQ communities are addressed concurrently with the fight for same-sex marriage. There is a long way to go to secure the right to safety, equal employment, healthcare, housing, education, and access to resources for LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities. The right to live free from hate violence, police violence, and state-sanctioned discrimination is not yet a guarantee for many in the LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities. Those within the LGBTQ communities that live at the intersection of other marginalized identities continue to face disproportionate violence and discrimination – justice and equality for LGBTQ communities are innately connected to issues affecting communities of color, immigrant communities, low-income communities, people with disabilities, and any others that face oppression through a history of systemic and structural barriers.”

Overall, the need to be socially conscious appears to be superficial especially in such instances of transphobia that to do not attract immediate media attention. Family court is a lesser media hot button.

Today, Cole is searching for pro-bono legal representation for an appeal of a ruling based primarily on profiling and transgender discrimination. Towards that end Cole has copious records of all private and public communications from accusers and full court records.


To learn more about the case, its status, or how you can help with needed resources, visit, or contact Cole’s Public Relations team at

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