My name is Marie Bargas and I am a professional psychic, sound healer and part-time public relations pro and blogger.  You can find out about me by going to my website. As you can see from my bio, I have led a very interesting life.  In my time as a public relations professional, I had the misfortune of working with Jymie Lynn Darling on an event that was scheduled in the late summer of 2015 in the Los Angeles Area called Pagan Day Fest. I never imagined that Staff Sergeant Shawn Armstrong, U.S. Army Infantry, retired and I would ever have an occasion to meet. But, our lives were intertwined because we helped expose Jymie Darling as a fraud (Stolen Valor). And, I have to admit that our lives will never be the same again.  You see, we are still targets of Jymie Lynn Darling’s harassment and abuse to this day.

Shawn Armstrong has 23 years of total service. He has had one tour in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan. He is a disabled veteran, due to injuries, not wounds, received on one of his overseas tours.  At the time I represented Pagan Elder and author Edward Fitch. I was approached by Jymie Darling to acquire Ed’s services as a presenter for the event along with doing the PR. She tried to get out of paying me and paying for Ed Fitch’s plane ticket by claiming that she was having a PTSD meltdown. True or not, it did not inspire my confidence in working with her. I wanted to dissolve that relationship immediately.  And guess what she texted me. My responses are in green.  Now what would YOU do if you got these texts?


I am a legit PR girl. Jymie went online and began a campaign of lies and slander intent on defaming me.  But … look carefully at her blogs. She has no photographic evidence. I do.  My last experience with event public relations was very meaningful to me because it was the promotion and placement of a film festival that showcased the work of female Muslim Film Makers during the Arab Spring of 2011. Now that Jymie Darling has made wild accusations about my lack of professionalism and incapacity to do event PR, I’m going to show you what I can do and she cannot. As you can see I wrote this press release. Here’s the link: Press Release for Women’s Voices Now

FullSizeRender (1) As the result of my PR efforts this story dropped in the LA Times. Here’s the link:


Please note that as we continue in this blog I can back up everything that I say with cold hard facts. I am not delusional. I am not making this up. I am not emotionally unstable. What I am is a woman coping with the attacks of a stalker. I’ve been hurt. I am still hurting. I am her victim. This is real. I’m real.

Jymie Darling is the FRAUD and a STALKER and I refuse to be bullied by her anymore. 

As for the accusations with respect to my skills as a psychic, I actually have some good reviews on Yelp that were placed there by the real customers of a brick and mortar store. These are not “made-up” reviews from friends and family.

Marie Bargas

I have good reviews on social media as well.


And I’ve been in national pagan blogs alongside some big name pagans.


If you want to see all of my clips and my celebrity list once again please go to my website:



Now considering what you already know, please note the last sentence of this email she sent to a colleague reads:


This was written before Pagan Day Fest, so clearly she was already planning to use me and abuse me.  I didn’t stand a chance. Furthermore, look at the ID at the top.  That’s her personal email ID and her password. Now she can delete it when she sees this. But as you know, someone can recover it. And I know someone who can and will recover it for me if this ever goes to court again. You can count on that. I am not putting any links to any of her defamatory blogs, videos or other media on this blog because I refuse to give her traffic.  She has gotten enough freebies from me already.


During the time leading up to Pagan Day Fest 2015 Jymie had launched a vicious smear campaign that targeted  me in the hopes that the truth about her unethical business practices would not surface in time for her to make some quick cash.  Jymie-Lynn-Darling-300x230I was terribly upset until Fate stepped in and intervened.  Her wife, Cammy Ellis Darling, proudly posted a photograph of her in “uniform” at a charity equestrian show in Burbank. CA.  This photo caught the attention of several pagan and non-pagan veterans and it was such a gross misrepresentation of the uniform and her overall achievements that they did everything in their power to tear her apart. That’s when Shawn Armstrong stepped in and asked me to fill in the blanks. I have to admit that I was very happy to be of assistance. The result was a series of blogs that covered her, “Stolen Valor” all over cyberspace and all over the world. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Jymie Darling is not initiated into Haitian Voodoo, she is does not have a PHD from Cambridge and she is certainly not the sort of person that you can trust to be a teacher, a spiritual leader, or even a friend for that matter. Anyone in the pagan community who gives her exposure is asking for trouble. That paperwork is in my files. But, I intend to write more blogs. So stay tuned. You’ll see the proof and I’ll tell you how to get it on your own so that there is no mistake.

Nowadays information is easily accessible through the Freedom of Information Act and just through google searches. Of the many things that Jymie has accused me of are crimes that are not on a background check that anyone can purchase on me for $29.99.  The reason why I have not sued her is because she has no money to speak of, other than the money she raises through her events. Her disability benefits are something that I’m going to leave to Shawn Armstrong to investigate. I’ll give you links to that blog when it’s complete. It’s what he does.  He would have been able to let this go a while ago, but you see she publicly accused him of rape. And frankly I don’t think he’s ever going to go for it.

Jennifer and GeorgeSadly, when Jymie Darling accused George Hiram Derby of being a pedophile, he could not defend himself using the same technology that we have today.  He did not have the same support system in place. The bittersweet irony was that George was a real Vietnam Veteran, so it appears to me that Jymie has no respect for real heroes.  To the veteran community that cuts deep as it should in the pagan community because George was one of our own. We can’t let Jymie Darling keep ruining innocent lives.

First among the blogs is “Military Phonies.” Click here to go to blog.

Military Phonies

Then there’s “This Ain’t Hell.” Please click here to go to blog.


But, I would have to say that the blog that best explains how she perpetrated the Stolen Valor Fraud was created by Shawn Armstrong.  To go to his blog “A Stolen Valor in Glendale” please click here.


The are pages of blogs expressing outrage at her behavior and they are all at your fingertips.  GOOGLE JYMIE LYNN DARLING STOLEN VALOR. As I write this I am fully aware that Jymie Darling is attacking both me and Shawn Armstrong because exposed her and her enormous ego can’t handle it.  As you can see, one of her favorite tactics is to accuse someone of stalking HER. She accused Shawn of stalking her last year and so this year it’s my turn.  On June 16th a Judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed her request to put a restraining order on me because of insufficient evidence.  As I write this, I am waiting for the transcripts from the hearing which I am going to post in a future blog just to make sure that you can see for yourself what really happened. Jymie has a way of lying to make herself look good.

But the bottom line is that the truth is the truth and it not illegal nor immoral to speak out, especially if speaking out can save the next person from being one of her victims. Don’t you agree?

Please comment and share. We can use your support. Thank you.



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